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[VIC] Cup Eve BBQ, Monday 5th November 2007

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper and Rolla

    Oops, we nearly forgot to post the traditional Cup Eve BBQ. So come along to HQ for a BBQ and to catch up with other Netriders while having a drink or three. There are the usual spare beds, and as per usual, first in best dressed.
    Date: Monday 5th, No...

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  2. Ahh crap 37 years too late :LOL: (something weird going on with the calendar).

    Would love to come but unfortunately going to be stuck at some stupid "corporate retreat" thing :( (for me Melbourne Cup isn't a holiday).
  3. yes, I was wondering what Cup is being run on January 2 ?
  4. Melbourne Cup, it's a delay because of Equine Influenza :wink:
  5. Nothing to see here, move along :p
    Bloody forumbot :shock:
    All fixed now
  6. Hmmmmmmmmm........ looks like it might be a quiet one this year.
  7. It shouldn't be too quiet if you turn up Dave. :grin:

    Shelley and I are going out for dinner that night but might be able to make an appearence later on. :)
  8. Hey Deb and Dave,

    We will see you tonight and will be bringing some pressies around. :grin:
  9. Pressies?????? I like pressies. :grin:
  10. NVM thats a little far for me just yet hehe