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(Vic) Cumberland Junction to Marysville

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by tim, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Not sure of the road name but if you do reefton and black spurs on the same day, it is more than likely you'll use this road.. Give it a day or two to clear

    Can't edit subject but this was yesterday (27/9/09)

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  2. The sign on the right certainly aint kidding in this instance is it.
  3. WOW - now thats what I call a cold snap......

    Well, it will certainly assist with controlled breaking.
  4. sorry just read fully ..... and researched ... that's amazing .....
    falls creek got 36cm over the weekend ........ not bad at all!
  5. Nice riding today though ;)

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  6. Beautiful. Great pics all round.
  7. Wow that looks beautiful, not something you'd get a chance to ride often, you had great timing
  8. Yeah, it was beautiful yesterday, and it wasn't even cold. Road was dry although there was a fair bit of bark and debris. And almost deserted O:)
  9. Absolutley awesome pics :cool:
  10. Wowser! I think I need to find an excuse to go riding mid-week ...
  11. Great pics.... they should be sent in for the 2010 Calender!!!!!
  12. Hopefully we will get another chance to ride with dry roads and scenery like that before the weather warms up.;)
  13. Rode Marysville to Reefton and back today. The snow is now gone.

    Lake Mountain turnoff to Cumberland Junction had only the odd bit of stringy bark on the road. The road was wet but not slippy. There's some acacia yellow pollen stuff on one of the sweepers but no big deal.

    Cumberland Junction to Reefton was 100% and f*n marvellous. Next to zero traffic. Get in touch with your mortality and ride this road folks. ;)