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Vic Crew and Coffs

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by VTRBob, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Well I took over from Toecutter at Port, and as much as Loz really wanted to do the 'oxley' run it was decided to leave that in favor of a more sedate run up the highway against a 5 hr hard ride to get the oxley loop in.

    We got a few twisties in at Macksville though on a quick detour out to Taylors Arms and "THE" pub with no beer. We sampled one or two of the milder 4.5 ales, but they did have a few more that went up to 9% :shock: . Thrown in was a free tour of the brewery which was interesting :? :LOL:

    Then another hr and we hit my driveway [ the 12k run up the mountain to my place ] where a preplanned BBQ was devoured along with a couple of bottles of that red stuff ? :LOL: the poor boys and girl where all in bed by 11 :shock: :LOL:

    Thursday beckoned bright and sunny and started of fine with a quick run into Coffs via a milder but quick set of twisties. Followed by a stop at the 'Big Banana'

    Then we stopped to bid Nadeen a farewell at her work before heading south to head up "Waterfall Way" if only you could all see the look on Loz's face when we stopped in Dorrigo to fuel up. I don't think even cheng could put a smile on his face as big as what it was. Repeated comments like holy f*** that was awesome. Or to watch him pace up and down, stop look back toward the section just done, and utter that word again!
    :LOL: all with that grin that just wouldn't disappear :cool: :LOL:

    Shall I mention we lost Blodders for a few hours just after fueling ? NAH :p :LOL:

    We all know about the swapping of bikes and the incident, but has anyone mentioned the bushfire we rode though ? OH thats right the bloody flames where 3 foot high and right on the side of the road :shock:
    Or playing chicken with the semi's on the way back to Coffs at night with a bent and bruised bike?

    I'll start another thread soon on the Minja repairs :? :LOL:

  2. Thanks Bob, laughing at the computer here. :LOL:

    Can't wait for them to get back in one piece and hear all the juicy stuff :grin:
  3. LOL, good post Bob.

    Have we got some tall tails and true from this trip :shock:
  4. Loz was still saying "holy f@#$" about that road at the late breakfast today :LOL:
  5. At least you got Waterfall Way in (and they can always do Oxley on the way back :cool: )
  6. Holy fcuk, what a road!
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: