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[Vic] Crash damage. What to do

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by DamianB, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. I was riding along. went round a roundabout. dunno what happened but lowsided at about 20kph... (kawasaki Balius '92)

    Engine case had oil all over it. and i think there was some coolant leaking.... there was what looked like oil(assume it was oil. may have been petrol. def not coolant) on the ground where i crashed (i assume mine).

    I pushed it to a mates place. and have left it there for now. as i assume no one will be open tommorow as it's a sunday...

    I assume there's damage to the engine. Cosmetic damage i couldn't give a **** about. it's a learner bike.. I live in Mill Park... Where should i take it... and are there any places taht will come pick it up... if not. how would i go about getting it somewhere on the back of a trailer?

    edit, update: I just spoke to the guy whose house i left it at.. it's not still leaking oil. so i assume the oil was just the oil that comes out when you drop a bike so as to not wreck the engine... But There was also a tube that looked like it had coolant leaking out of it. and i don't know/remember if it was there before.... if the engines fine no oil leak and it's just the coolant. If i fill the coolant then turn on the bike will i be able to tell if the coolign system isn't working properly?
  2. Just over flow petrol that was kicked out when you dropped it.

    Does it still start? If it's rough, give it a few minutes to sit idling and easy does it around the block for a bit. Still rough? Probably ****ed the carbies, something will be stuck. And that's an art to put back together.

    Happened to my ZZR250 Kwaka when I dropped it. Lloyd penn had worked on but didn't put a washer and a spring to hold the needle in place. Dropped it and evidently everything went everywhere and had to be put together again. Might be a similar case for you.
  3. Hook the trailer up to a car, put the bike in and tie it down securely. (y)
    Huh? That feature's news to me.:shock: Perhaps maybe the oil has stopped leaking because there is none left in the sump?:-s :)
  4. Alternator covers and clutch covers crack easily in minor drops, so you might have damaged one. The good news is, they're easy to bodge up with a quick prayer to Araldite, the ancient Greek Goddess of Broken Things. If they're beyond the application of goop, they're generally dead easy to change for good bits from wreckers.