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[VIC] Cranbourne Car and Bike Show, Sat Mar 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Come and Join us something for the whole family 15,000 people enjoyed the 2005 Cars and Bikes from around Australia Lawson Poole Reserve Cnr South Gippsland Hwy & Thompsons Rd Melways 129 H9

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  2. Hmmmm.........That's just down the road from me. Might have to polish the bike up and go down for a squizz and a pose. :cool:
  3. I will be maning the MRA stand.
    Shall be a good day if the weather is just right.
    Last year was a blast.
  4. You got it all in the wrong order.

    It's Perve, pose then squiz :grin:
  5. Hey, go easy on me. It's been a while since I could perv legitimately. I'm outta practise.

  6. I called in sick to come this this :) they made me work last year. Not twice in a row
  7. I am gonna call in wiht the kids later this arvo - what time does it finish?
  8. I was a little dissapointed really not many bikes there. Kawasaki is there. And a lot of harleys but that was about it.
  9. Whats it cost? Im about to head out with a mate now.
  10. i remember seeing ya bike there0--- the lovely shiny black one-- hehei was leaving when ya rocked up
  11. it was an interestin show--- it had mainly cars--- kewl that i was allowed to sit in a lotus car-- the owner rides also and saw my helmet and told me to jump in for a phto session-- yipee-- was bugger to get into though- low seats-- :grin: but awesome engine revving sounds
  12. I'm not sure the owner was thinking about YOUR helmet......

    missed out due to work, that and didn't realise it was on until 3:30 yesterday (kind of ironic when you are the events mod)
  13. Hi

    any idea who actually organises this and when its on next year????

    many thanx