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[VIC] Corryong swim ride, Fri Jan 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Franky

    Hello ladies and gentlemen... Boys n Girls!

    This ride is an annual event and originates from a Canberra crew (Mad Bikers) and a few of the netrider crew from the ACT get involved aswell!

    Thing is... we are getting a lot of interest here in Melb s...

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  2. Nothing else planned, may as well do another Corryong trip :grin:

  3. Pencil me in for now Franky.I will confirm soon. :cool:
  4. I'm hoping to make this one too.
  5. Awww crap, I have a "to be confirmed" tentative gig for that weekend...


    We'll see...
  6. Count me in on this one of Wise Franky.....
  7. Hello peoples howz it going :)
    Looks as though the mexicans are ready for another round to the snowy's[​IMG]


    Sir Skuffy
    the mad hatter
    pommy boy
    trevnsig (from Albury)
    Steve (not on NR.. from Labertouche)

    confirmed from ACT:


    + more from ACT/NSW... speaking with Kathline (celestrina) who is the core organiser says another 8 more or less confirmed.

    As for accommodation... We realy need to make concrete bookings before Xmas so if you're in let us know asap. The Corryong Hotel is nearly full but the Court House Hotel has plenty of beds still available. If anyone would like to make there own arrangements please inform me Franky aka (gsxbusa)..Prices per person(based on sharing) can be anywhere between $30-$40 per night. Will try n give a more accurate figure when bookings are concrete.

    Any last minute decisions will be looked after :)

    Anyone I've forgotten to put on the list ...just throw me a kick to the head[​IMG]

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  8. Ok Count me in as Confirmed. :)
    Thanks Franky. Looking forward to it. :cool:
  9. I better come along to this one. I just hope it's not going to be another 46 degree day like last time :shock:
  10. An update as to who is committed

    Hi all :) This ride is shaping up to be a winner :grin:

    Deposits will be required as soon as I confirm prices for accommodation

    Vic crew:

    Me (Franky)
    Sir Skuffy
    the mad hatter
    AshR1 + 1
    pommy boy
    trevnsig (from Albury)
    Steve (not on NR.. from Labertouche)

    Canberra crew:

    Brian & Sharon

    There are beds still available :)

    I believe now we have 31 people... not sure on who the others are as yet:cool:

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  11. Hey Franky your risking life and limb :facepalm:
    Don't you know Esther's VTR250 is her pride and joy and does count as a motor bike :roll:
  12. ......not that it really matters :wink: .......but.... yes, will be on my own bike......So I think thats 28 people on 27 bikes..... :cool:

    Looking forward to it !!!

    Packing the Beach towel, Hawaiian shirt, panama hat, pink zinc cream, socks and sandles....there's Mstevo set..........now for my stuff :rofl:
  13. I have only seen the Hawaiian Shirt........... bit hard to miss it, some are loud, his can be heard with ya back turned :p
  14. go the Hawiian shirt :dance:
    I'll start a trend yet!! or should i say I'm the only trendy 46yr old coming :woot:
  15. Hawaiian shirts hey... maybe we should start a trend! could be good for a laugh... :LOL:
  16. You should join Minna and the group that camp down at the Aus MotoGP every year, they all wear hawiian shirts, even have blow up palm trees :grin:
    But i think Deb on the left is the only one that comes close to yours :p
  17. OK then, Hawaiian shirts a go-go folks, ..........we all up for the challenge???

    Voting for the loudest shirt should be a Saturday night pub event I reckon.......involve the locals perhaps...

    Whatya reckon Mel?
  18. feck it why not? I'm in for hawaiian shirt challenge!
  19. Good to see!
    and while eye protection (eg sunglasses) are optional, they are advisable :cool:
    Looks like I'm going to have a practice run at ACT christmas drinks Monday night :grin: