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Vic: Cops too nice.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Day, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Just with regards to the latest discussions about police, I thought this may get a chuckle or disbelieving spitting of coffee over the keyboard:


    One small excerpt -

    Does he have a point?


  2. Lol. paper wrote something reasonable.
  3. in general i agree, but there are a few holes in it, namely the road saftey issue. i think police and only police should be in charge of road saftey, ALL areas of road safety, not just speeding. If you take road safety away from the police, its the perfect opportunity to let the cameras take over road safety.

    Edit: the herald sun printed that??
  4. Yep. Page 12 - Sunday Herald Sun.
  5. The article mentions the falling standards of policemen and policewomen's uniforms, and the detrimental effect this has on their authority. I agree. I get sick of seeing them in fleecy pullover tops and baseball caps like Dimmeys & Forges had won rights to make their uniforms. It's a disgrace.

    Exactly. Hand road safety in its entirety over to corporate contractors who will exercise zero discretion and employ the Nuremberg defence when challenged? No thank you!
  6. What the hell is up with the uniforms?!???

    I see sky-blue short sleeves and woolen vests running towards drunken violence in the city, but jet-black jumpsuited Gestapo quizzing teenagers at music festivals over a few grams of weed.
  7. the alcohol-fuelled violence is taxed, so it gets a free ride
    all these potheads, however, are not only smoking illegal substances BUT THEY DIDN'T PAY ANY TAXES ON THEM. get 'em, boys! baton them in the kidneys till they're pissin' blood! no-good tax-dodging hippies
  8. Completely. It takes away from the real crime fighting the police do and generally p!sses people off who've been affected by crime.

    In remote communites that have community police officers, who have limited powers but can police communities to some level. I cant see why this approach cannot be applied to the road.
  9. Because you'd get a bunch of vigilantes with various agendas applying for the job and seeking to impose their personal 'vision' on the community.

    Like it or not, the Police are the best option we've got.
  10. Just what we need, a second organisation solely devoted to hunting down murderous speeders.

    F*ck that. No thanks.
  11. Yes, this ex copper is correct. Too Soft. Its all to do with former Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon.
  12. I think it is us that are the soft ones.

    Cop looks sideways at us and we drag them to court.
  13. Reckon you are correct! For all the complaints and horror stories you hear, the Police are still the best organisation to look after Road Safety. Remembering that traffic police can and do still arrest criminals (they drive cars you know!) and at this stage still have discretion. That has NOT been taken away yet, but you can bet if a private company got hold of it with 'payment' for 'efficiency' you can bet they would be super efficient. If you are polite, respectful and remorseful (this seems to go against the grain for many!) you have a very good chance of 'discretion' being exercised (especially for minor indiscretions!) with a warning or a reduced penalty. Bette the devil you know!

    In regards to uniform standards the military style dress uniform and white cap whilst nice and impressive to look at were totally impractical for everyday work. That is probably why the military don't wear 'dress' uniform in combat! Wearing a uniform that is practical, safe and efficient, whilst leaving no doubt as to who it is dealing with you, seems to make perfect sense to me. Some of the old coppers seem to be stuck in the 1960s and are still annoyed at having had a female in the top job! This is the 2000s, occ health and safety, liability, etc.

    Anyone that seriously believes that police would be universally respected by all if they went back to wearing a dress uniform are deluded! Sadly some parts of society have respect for no-one! More a product of our changing world and society if you ask me. Police authority comes from legislation, not clothing. Society and the courts need to harden up!
  14. That wasn’t a news article…
    That was a F#$king plug for his biography.
    Advertising dressed up as news
    Our media are tossers
  15. Mr Murphy's comments came amid the release of a warts-and-all biography of his life, The Skull.
    How the hell did I miss that? I should have read it all the way through instead of being disinterested part way down! Hey if anyone here ever writes a a biography, get a good media adviser and publicist first!

    Interesting Poll result! "Is city violence increasing because our police are too nice?" 85% said yes!!! WTF? How did they get that result out of "YOUTH street violence was partly down to a decline in the authority of the uniform, with many police not wearing caps or shining their shoes and some top brass not wearing ties." Should sell plenty of books if there are that many morons around!