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[VIC] Cops on Reefton today

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by arc, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. About 4kms up from the car park hiding in the bushes.

    + 2! camera cars about 2kms before the Reefton pub.


  2. Thanks arc.....4kms??? That must be a different spot....not at the end of the straight was it???
    Any chance of a google map on the location so I can plot it?
  3. yea, upload GPS co-ordinates for GPS-guided munitions drop. Nuke them from orbit - it's the only way to be sure...
  4. Saving lives, god bless them.
  5. Saw the camera cars and constabulary holding his speed laser safety distance measurement gun to me. My speedo is off from changing sprockets so made sure I was under. Nodded to him and got a nod back. Good on you coppa.

    All cops and camera cars were in different locations from where they have been the previous few months.

    Gee the spurs were so clean today, got an awesome run back on the black one and loved it.

    Oh and thanks to all the riders making the hand gesture notifying of cops/camera cars in advance, great team work.
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  7. This is where I stopped (youtube), and this is where the marked car was. Think the camo brigade was somewhere between the two spots.

    I felt so much safer having seen our friends there; what's frustrating is that the limit is too low for that road. Sure, you can't do 80 around a lot of corners (well, some of you probably can!) but when you do get to a few of the faster sections they cry out for > 80.

  8. They may have been cops this time, but two times I've gone through reefton and seen blokes in auscams... and they haven't been police. Some dirtbike course thing for the army. So it might not always be bad.

    Buggered if I'm going to risk it though.
  9. They were wasting their time and our taxes.
    They were in a place where road was wet and slippery and unless they were expecting Stoner or Rossi to come through there was no way they they would have got anybody doing more than 80kph.
    The senior male cops were standing around the cars and the young female was stuck out between the road and the embankment with the radar in her hand looking very cold and miserable.

    I saw the same unmarked camera car (silver Mitsubishi Outlander) three times today on Canterbury Road near York Road, near the McMahons Creek pub and again on the MT Dandenong Tourist Road at Kalorama.
  10. I had 3 indications today by other bikers that they had just arrived where I had been or were going to be ahead of me today, but I didn't see any. I somehow seemed to have timed it so I didn't see any.
  11. yeah seen em there a few times before....

  12. Thanks Arc, yup that's the same spot they were at today. I got a talking to at the junction as well. I told them about the moronic 4wd towing a bike trailer that nearly wiped me out,,,they weren't in the least bit concerned.