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[Vic] Cops on Eastern Fwy/Hoddle 25/11/09

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by citymorgue2, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Anyone know wtf the cops were doing on the fwy/hoddle st this morning?
    2 uniforms hiding behind bushes at the corner with a pair of binoculars and walkies. another 2 uniforms around the corner in the middle of the first block and then 1 or 2 uniforms in the first street on the left on hoddle st.

    they let about 5 bikes split thru moving traffic, a couple cars in the bus lane. I eventually got past them and i see 1 poor biker pulled over. wtf were they doing?

    I figure if they were pulling everyone over they would have had a nice collection of cars and bikes being booked. but nup.... curious.

    actually there was a marked 4x4 in the RHlane (not transit lane) on the fwy that didnt bat an eye lid at a precession of 4 bikes lane split past him in slow moving traffic. very odd.
  2. Spotting those that are using the bus lane and the T2 lane illegally at a guess.
  3. Distracting drivers so they crash, then booking them for careless driving?
  4. They were setting up a breathalysing station around there yesterday when i rode past
  5. Who knows! Theres people getting bashed, mugged and murdered in melbourne every week however they decide to focus numbers on booking some flop using the transit lane when they shouldnt be! Bunch of duds! This is the exact reason melbourne is out of control coz the pig pen waste their time doing stupid things like this!
  6. Ninja. I agree that having 7 or so cops chasing bus lane bandits is a waste of resources, however disrespecting them and using terms like 'pig pen' doesnt help societ's current attitude to the boys in blue. why do you think sop many youths dont give a toss about mucking up? b/c they dont have any respect for authority.
  7. So nobody has any actual information about what they were doing, except that one bike seems to have been pulled aside, and a couple of others let get away with some splitting. I'll hold fire until we have something a bit more solid.

    FWIW, they are all over the news today letting everyone know that cyclists in particular are in for close inspection. Cars and M/Cs in the inner city too (Carlton, Docklands, CBD and South Melbourne), but that doesn't seem to be related to this particular operation.

    VP can sometimes be their own worst enemy when it comes to losing people's respect IMHO.
  8. Titus

    good point re cyclists. maybe they were there to catch the cyclists along hoddle. although at the fwy intersection does seem odd.

    so yeah consensus (or lack there of) seem to be no one knows. strange.
  9. It could be they are enforcing the 'cannot cross a solid white line' rule that's been brought in, but I'm just guessing.
  10. They might have been using their number plate recognition thingy looking for unregistered vehicles,but thats just my 2 bobs worth.
  11. all cops are just glorified parking officers nowadays.... they don't even know how to catch real criminals any more.
    it's a pity they have become servants of the dollar.
  12. It takes more than a gun and a badge to get respect, you have to earn it. Victoria Police start low on the respect scale, and I haven't seen them do much to try and climb higher.
  13. When was the last time you were beaten to within an inch of your life out the front of your own house? Seriously, Victoria is in pretty good shape. Sure there are muggings, violence and a whole bunch of other ****ed things that go on, it's a society, it happens everywhere.

    Have you not seen other countries? We're in pretty good shape imo...
  14. I agree about earning respect. My neighbour is a cop and was attending a seige, he was shot while protecting someone else that had been shot down.

    Not many jobs around where you can expect to get shot at by looneys, or to put your life on the line, literally.

    I've had bad experiences with the police in the past. I've also known some excellent cops who know the difference between right and wrong, and people they should be coming down on, and those that don't. In the end they're people too and some of them certainly shouldn't be in the force, but some of them deserve a lot of respect.
  15. The police taking credit for that would be like me taking credit for the sun rising this morning.

    How about when my car got broken into and a bunch of my stuff got stolen, and the police wouldn't even come out to dust for prints? Or when my father got bashed at an ATM and the police didn't even review the CCTV footage?

    Oh wait, neither of those earn them any MONEY.
  16. Didly, i have to agree and disagree with you. I admit that refering to the cops as a pig pen is a bit disrespectful on my behalf. I just think they spend their whole time running around trying to catch people committing these petty crimes to collect a bit of extra coin for the government rather than knuckling down on the heavy stuff such as melbournes street violence!

    I disagree with you saying melbourne is in pritty good shape. To be completly honest i dont think it is in that greater shape at all (especially the weekend nightlife). Sure we can walk out our frount door and not get bashed that is true but thats the same in any country. I dont know how old you are Didly or how involved in Melbournes nightlife you are. What i can tell you is im 22 and have ben heavily involved in partying of all forms over the last 3 or 4 years. I have seen some pritty fk*d up stuff on our streets in that 3 and 4 years and have rarely been out without seeing a fight break out. EVen been in the unfortunate position of having a mate get 'picked' out of no where and beaten to a bloodied mess one night

    I have also been luckey enough to visit america, thailand, singapore and vietnam and the whole time i was there did not see one ounce of violence. Obviously not gonna compare america as a whole to australia because we all know the streets in america can get pritty bad but so can certain areas here. Generally what im saying is compared to overseas, our streets really arnt that clean at all. Once the police clean that up...then they will have my full respect. Take it as you like but thats just my 2c.
  17. I'm only 21, but involved in Melbournes night life? That's my job heh, I do security at the casino. I also go out a fair bit when I get the chance, to the city. While out in Melbourne with mates, I've never gotten myself into trouble. Maybe it's just a bit of luck? Maybe it's just me minding my own business? I can easily see how half of the shit starts, people get loose with the tongue because of a few drinks, other guy has some mad beer muscles and away they go.

    You traveled to those places in south east Asia, but did you leave the tourist areas? How about going to the places that the Government tells you to stay away from...This is getting a bit off topic haha.
  18. Interesting topic indeed ! :)

    Without drifting too far off the main topic but rather continue with the latter comments, I can vouch for the difference in safety levels between our streets and those of other nations/countries.

    Being a resident of Hong Kong for 7yrs, not once have I felt endangered or threatened. Parents there, even 'Westerners' (expats) allow their young children to roam around the streets alone, unsupervised. Only threat I have found is the plethora of mad road users...cabbies spring to mind !

    During these 7yrs in the Orient, I have been fortunate to travel to most Asian destinations, and have freely walked alone on unknown streets (NON-tourist areas), day and night, without once feeling threatened in any way. America, on the other hand continued to bring mixed feelings - no thanks.

    Yes, we are lucky to live in a beautiful city, that is Melbourne (officially voted the best city in the world in which to reside), however if things continue to get out of hand/not be controlled, I fear it may become like London..which is out of control ! I know many Poms (who live in Hong Kong) that will not return to their homeland with family/children for this reason... oh, and the gloomy, crap weather too :p

    Be safe out there ladies and gents.
  19. Im from Newcastle , England.

    Saturday nights in Melbourne are like church tea parties in comparrison.
  20. I totally agree; having lived in and visited all of SE and E Asia, it is much safer for foreigners in terms of being a victim of violence. The question is why? Depends on the place I think. The cultural issue is a big factor, and for some places the harsh punishments may be a factor too. The safest place for a tourist that I've been to is the DPRK, but that's because if anyone messes with you they would be probably be executed.

    If people want to steal your cash in SE/E Asia, they typically do it through con-tricks or distraction rather than violence. A friend of mine I was travelling with in Vietnam had an attractive 'street lady' put her hand down the front of his pants; unfortunately for him her other hand was removing his wallet from his back pocket, and she went off on her scooter before he noticed. The most expensive hand-job he'll ever get.

    In summary, Asia is very safe, but watch out for traffic and any local who finds you very attractive and has their hand inside your underwear.