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[VIC] Cops escort bikes on Monash Fwy this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wentworthmeister, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. This morning I was driving (yes, driving) in to work on the Monash at 8.30am when I observed 30-40 bikes travelling outbound with a substantial police escort (all marked bikes with lights flashing, at least 7-8 of them). My first thought was a club run, but there was a mix of all sorts of bikes (cruisers, jap sports, italian, tourers etc).

    Anybody know what it was?

  2. Wall to Wall ride?



    Friday, 16 September

    07.00 - 08.00hrs - Memorial Ceremony, Victoria Police Memorial, St Kilda Road, Melbourne

    08.00hrs - Depart under escort - Travel to Sale, Lakes Entrance (lunch break), on to Cann River then Merimbula for dinner and overnight. (please note - departure may be slightly delayed if Tassie ferry is late)
  3. One rule for them, another rule for us. Bless em, wish i was a cop.
  4. you can be a cop if you like Chef, or maybe the construction worker might take you fancy? how about the indian? nah leather bikie with that fuglee mustache wouldnt be you.. :) c'mon it's friday have a chuckle.. lol
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  5. Bastard.
  6. lol ove it when you fire up Chef!! but I do understand your comment.
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  7. I use Bastard as a term of endearment matey ;)
    It's all of the other words you have to watch out for, but I'm in a flippant mood tonight. A lot goes on outside the forum that nobody gets to see. Tonight it's a couple of quiet drinks and a giggle or two and then back out to work tomorrow. Hardly kitten killing stuff, therein lies the problem.

    The damn double standards of the po-po. Happy to give themselves an escort when it's only 40 bikes, but wont support 'Ride for the Hills' when there's hundreds.
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  8. If it was 40 civilian owned bikes they would've held it up for hours just so they could hand out as much tickets as possible, at least that's what they do up here when there are big group pre planned rides.
  9. That'd be it.
  10. Ride was open to anyone.
  11. I sure as hell would'nt want to anywhere with a police escort. I can't be good, for that length of time.
  12. Hahaha, probably not wrong mate.
  13. Just on the off chance I find myself at Syberia in October, can you please explain to me what that has to do with the price of fish there?
  14. Theyre also going through NSW into Canberra.

    I was impressed by the formation riding some groups were displaying. I particularly like the "clusterfuck formation" where if one in front where to crash, it looks like the rest would just topple over like bowling pins as well.
  15. Where's Syberia?

    Gsxxer - it's a special kind of riding formation perfected over years of group rides. Dunno why people brave it, but each to their own.
  16. #16 snuff3r, Sep 18, 2011
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    The ride was FOR them. Might have been open, but still double std the way it was run.
  17. oops. I meant Siberia, the fish, how much?
  18. Whats interesting is that there appeared to be 4 police bikes in front (plain white bikes, high vis jackets) forming a square, followed by a clump of bikes, then a HWP car and another bike cop.

    I was surprised the cops in front would do that. This was on a twisty part of the kings highway, full of blind corners where I know the local driving population is very casual with the centre line. No room to move if faced with an oncoming vehicle.

    Most riders I saw where going single file, even though that too seemed a little chaotic...

    Anyone know what the riding demographic was? Casual weekend riders?
  19. Hmmm... Just a thought (since someone mentioned Ride To The Hills)... What if a huge ride was planned with heaps of bikes, but somehow, miraculously, nobody showed up... Wouldn't it be a shame to hear about hundreds of police turning up to a non-existent event to book... well... nobody! :demon:

    Anyway, I'll get back into my gimp box now... ;)