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(VIC) copped a speeding fine but not me??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hyo_duc, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. ok
    murry and ablert rd in preston (60 kay zone)
    was travelling towards plenty rd
    one car right next to me... (porsche mind you)
    i asked him, he said he was going 55kays
    i was not going over 62
    well close to 58 or so as i was travelling alongside him

    i cannot get another ticket or i loose the license for 12 months
    im bloody scared

    i no i wasnt speeding.. can anybody help me? will i get a fine?

    much regards
  2. no 87654321.
  3. So, you weren't speeding???

    What is the issue then?

    I don't speed on plenty of roads and don't get fines...
  4. think he is saying he wasn't speeding, but the porche next to him was, and he got the ticket?
  5. ***shrug***

    That's what I thought, but then he says he asked the porsche driver, and says he was going faster, then asks if he will get the ticket, maybe???

    Better info please?
  6. ok sorry guys about the crappy english
    basically the car next to me was going 55 (as he says)
    he was going a bit slower
    i was travelling around the 59 mark...
    but the camera still flashed???
    at the point he was right next to me
    im very worried and cannot see how i (if it was me) was flashed???
  7. Nothing to worry about, you won't get a ticket. Both vehicles will be in the shot together cos as you say he was next to you.
    Cam saw both vehicles as cam changed lock from one part to another and saw the excessive speed between the 2. Cams own fault. You'll be fine,,,,not fined LOL.
  8. lol cheers mate,
    i hope it works out to be as funny as that :)
    thats pretty much how i see it though
    fingures crossed nothing comes through the mail
    cheers guys
  9. and is there anything or anyone i can speak to before the ticket comes through the mail? (basically to say my side of the story) or is it pointless???
  10. pointless. you might not even get a ticket as there should be 2 vehicles in the shot.
  11. If you were in seperate lanes, doesn't the camera pick up which lane was speeding due to the sensors in the road....
  12. ???
    this means?
  13. Ahhh, I'm pretty sure you can still cop a fine if there are two cars in the shot. Therer are usually multiple sensors (eg a sensor, piezo strip for each lane)...

    Anyway, if you were not speeding, don't stress.

    The flashes seem to just go sometimes, whether it's testing, calibration or just a waste of electricity, I don't know, but if you were not speeding, don't stress. I know I've been flashed on one occasion, all on my lonesome and never got a ticket.
  14. hmm cheers mate, hope it was a random flash
    if i wasnt speeding and i did et a ticket? then what? cause im sure they wont take my verbal opinion as evidence
  15. I think its a conspiracy by the victorian government.

    They let the camera flash go off randomly to make everyone shit themselves.
    The camera operator in the vehicle has a manual release button and has a chuckle when he watches drivers frantically look around bemused when it flashes them.

    Dont stress, if there is two vehicles in the pic they will not send the fine.
    Everytime they were challenged in court they lost, so now whenever they get two vehicles in the shot, they bin it... easier.
  16. Yeh the newer style cams have the lane sensors, the old ones are a full road wide....
    Don't stress mate, you weren't speeding, you'll be fine.
  17. so have you copped the speeding fine or not? The topic says you did
  18. it flashed but i havnt got the ticket,
    this all happened a nyt ago
  19. In that case it's 50/50 but as you said you weren't speeding I wouldn't worry about it.
  20. Did the intersection contain tram tracks and a passing tram?
    Was there a thunderstorm going on?
    Do you have a personal stalker?

    I was once flashed by a camera in an intersection. Wasnt speeding. Starting worrying, but realised it was the passing tram that made the flash.