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[vic] Cop almost missed me. almost. nabbed this morning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by citymorgue2, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. on the eastern this morning running late (Boss had called and given me the 'wtf are you' message), so i decide to use the bus lane for the last 50m or so before hiting hoddle st.

    go past a cop on an unmarked bmw1200, saw the lights etc too late. could have ducked between a truck and a bus and possibly gotten away but that would have been very very silly. i was in the wrong

    so Mr Policeman comes up behind me, lights on and i pull over. Yup im in the wrong. no arguments. my fault. he was nice about it . gave the bike a once over, asked how long id had the bike etc (its only done 2500km). tells me at worst i'll receive a ticket for $85 for using the buslane. ok no worries. as much as I dont want a ticket i was in the wrong.

    Now for the biker who came up behind us and had to have seen all this, but still continued to ride in the bus lane on hoddle street...so having finished with me, Mr policeman takes off and nabbs him too a few hundred meters down the road.
  2. Look on the bright side, at leats the copper was consistent!

    What would have shit me is if the other biker had gotten away with it right after I got done and the copper was right there to witness it.
  3. Oh well too bad... fair enough really. Do you get any demerit points for that?
  4. not that im aware of. i think its just a fine. The cop didnt say anything about a demerit point.

    although he did give my bike a bloody good looking over. so i dont know if he was looking for an illegal mod or something to else to ping me on as well. I showed him where the rego was, so he wasnt looking for that.
  5. Just having a bit of a perv?
  6. + 1 with what screwball said, good to see a cop that is consistent!

    Bad luck about the fine but really who cares if your late for work!!!!!
  7. find out where you were pulled over. measure it. if it was within the last 100m of the bus lane, i believe you were legally allowed to be there.

    you may have wished to exit the road further ahead, still within 100m in the lane, to park on the footpath (at the beginning of Hoddle) :wink:

    if the cop followed you for 100m or more to begin with, you're screwed :p
  8. yeah i knew i could have argued that i was going to turn off. but i was in thwe wrong. i'll cop that (bad pun). its annoying to be pinched when its a stupid rule, but hey its a rule. and yeah at least the cop was consistent with nabbing the other rider.
  9. i'd probably do the same :) i only remember all these road rules once i get home :LOL: