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[VIC] Contaminated LPG

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Yeah okay not an issue for bikes (which is why it's in off-topic ;)), but for those with cars on LPG:

  2. who pays the repair bills?
  3. Given they've admitted to the problem I reckon you'd have a fair chance of getting money out of them - if you could prove where you'd bought gas (most people don't keep receipts).
    Kinda similar to the water contamination in the unleaded petrol of the exact same servo that (allegedly) occurred not that long ago (which they never admitted to but did settle a few claims out of court).
  4. Not many people pay cash for fuel these days, it'd be pretty easy to provide a bank statement showing the eftpos or cr card transaction.
  5. But does that statement show you bought LPG, and not say 70 bucks worth of p0rn and cigarettes?
  6. Their daily reconciliation would show that.
  7. LPG has had this stuff in it for years. I don't know what it is for, but I will find out in the morning, and let you all know.
  8. Sounds like paraffin.
  9. :? Isn't parafin a wax??

    So its not suprising that this are geting messed up with wax clogging the system... :LOL:

    Must have come from BeePee :-w
  10. PSA

    If your gas contains a waxy substance, see your doctor and mechanic immediately.

  11. It's known as the heavy ends - the less volatile residues dissolved in the LPG. Because the LPG is (and contains) solvents, it will pick up all sorts of things during manufacture, transport, storage and pumping.

    LPG is transfered to the converter which vaporises the gas with heat and a drop in pressure, and consequently the heavy ends condense in the converter. Eventually there is so much of this stuff that the converter diaphragm can't operate when cold.

    The tell tale signs are a car that runs fine when warm, and the suddenly (especially in cold weather) won't start in the mornings having sat and cooled down. I've had to tip boiling water on converters before to help soften the waxes to allow the diaphragm to move.

    Some cars are worse than others (straight gas Fords are renowned for problems) and some LPG installers do better jobs than others.

    These heavy ends are unavoidable, but it's largely a QC issue, just like a restaurant is not allowed to serve soup with rat turds floating on the top.
  12. What a delightful analogy!

    Have you ever written for Hallmark cards?
  13. Under some conditions some paraffins are - that's the problem.

    The butane and propane that make up LPG are also paraffins, just with a higher melting point. Get other paraffins in there though and you can get solidification, especially in cold weather.
  14. Perhaps I should. Bought greeting cards are one of the most saccharin contrivances known to mankind, so I am sure I couldn't make them any less sincere... :LOL:
  15. What Mike said is right.
  16. do you work in a restaurant mv?