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[VIC] Confident Learners/intermediate ride, Sun Jan 18th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: RobSalvv

    This is a **challenging** ride aimed at confident experienced learners and early P riders with the purpose of consolidating cornering skills.

    Date: 18/1/09, Sunday.

    Time (first meet point): 10:00am for 10:30 leave from INBOUND Shell Westgate se...

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  2. I'm keen for this ride Rob. See you at the Westgate meeting point. :grin:
  3. ill be there
  4. Hey Rob, count me in for this one
  5. The route

    Note, the twisties are in the earlyish part of the ride and more highwayish/transport stuff is in the latter part of the ride... that way we hit the twisties while fresh!

    For those that want to do some boning up, here are my rough route notes - there's a test, but only GreyBM needs to take it ;) :p :grin:

  6. Yes please!!

    Sounds like a great ride Rob.
  7. Nice route, will this be very sedate or will you have some quicker riders up front? I'm no Rossi and i'm happy to do the speed limit but i don't want to fall asleep either :p
  8. Benno, I note the emoti, but in all seriousness, if you consider yourself experienced, then bring your no doze, or offer to take a noob under your wing... that should keep you awake!

    This ride is TARGETTED at confident learners or P platers wanting to consolidate skills on real roads and gives ample opportunity for community minded skilled riders to put a little back into the riding community.


  9. Count me in for this one, I haven't been doing any where enough riding lately.

    I'll meet you guys at the Rowville meetpoint. I'm also happy to go TEC if there's enough people to require it and no-one else wants to do it.
  10. thanks for organizing Rob, count me in please, I'll meet you at Westgate...

  11. Hey Rob,

    I've been given a leave pass to help you out on the day.

    What were your plans for corner marking, etc??

    Happy to help in any way possible & also need to practice my lines.
  12. I might tag along, always up for tips.

    unsure which side of the city i'll meet you on, will post up later
  13. Cambo welcome aboard. :)

    MadStu, thanks for the TEC offer. I'll let you know! How do you look in a red safety vest?

    Cambo, corner marking will be as per the standard, point don at the road and the rider immediately behind the leader stops and signals the direction change. Depending on the size of the group, might go two riders.

    Some of the initial background can be found in the EOI thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=60780
  14. Sounds like a good ride!

    I'm unsure about the bumpy stuff, I've been on the Black Spur (rode to Eildon for the weekend) and spent a day around Mt Dandenong but haven't done many more twisties and they were generally smooth roads. Pretty sure I was managing at least advisory speeds on most of the corners. I'm a few months into restrictions, does it sound like I'd be ready for this one or should I get some more practice in first? I've got the next few days off so I might cautiously go check out the route before Sunday anyway.

  15. I look horrible in a red safety vest :p but I'll wear it anyway if required. :)

    See you all there.
  16. Sounds like you should be ok if you weren't wobbling through the spur.
  17. I may come along for this as well.

    If I get my leathers fixed between now and then. ;-(
  18. Count me in for Sunday then.
  19. Great to have you along Ree :) Hope your leathers don't need fixing because you've come off or somethin. I'm not surprised they might need some TLC though after 11,000 km in the last 2 months. :!: :!:
  20. Chris & I'll meet up with u at Rowville.
    She's still on her ittiy bitty Accross. :roll: