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[VIC] Closedown SALE : Clipstone Yamaha Ringwood

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Another bike shop is being closed down and they are offering all the floor stock at very cheap prices.


    52 Maroondah Highway
    Ringwood VIC 3134

    From what I know, Peter Stevens (Just 2 shops down from there) has bought it out and the last tradng day is next Wednesday.

    The sale item includes Shoei/HJC helmets, Dri Rider Jackets/boots, Berik/Teknik jackets (I saw a few at half price), Draggin Jeans, Alpinestar/SIDI boots etc.
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  2. holy shit so cheap :(
  3. Its sad to see another shop go, but like I've said on this forum before the bike industry is such a hard game to make money in these days. How long was clipstone around for, 20 years or so?

    I wouldn't like to be an owner of a Yamaha shop in Melbourne at the moment. I imagine Yamaha's are about to become a whole lot cheaper to buy now PS has a Melbourne based franchise.
  4. I went a week ago and at that time there wasn't a lot that looked cheap as such.

    You're right, motorbikes are a tough game hence why PS would be going to a multi franchise situation, it makes perfect business sense. Apprantley the new PS store buing built is going to be 4 stories with PWC and clearance centre.
  5. Will drop in & have a look as I live pretty close by, damn I was getting my bike serviced there, gunna have to find another place, anyone got any good recommendations in that area, I know there are 5-6 bike mechanics in the vicinity, I have used In-Tune before & they seemed ok...
  6. 60 degrees in Notting hill - not super close but they are worth the trip
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  7. Same here, P. I bought my bike from there and also got it serviced from there. Had built up a nice rapport with the servcing staff so now have to find another place. :(

    I've heard good reviews about them here on NR so might check them out. It's not that far here.

    Thanks H. :)
  8. might pay to find out where the mechanics are heading if they are good with servicing!
  9. Am not sure if PS has got a stake in Yamaha yet but they r buying the store & shutting it down. Then within 2 years they plan to move to the superstore further down the road.
  10. Vince is a very smart business man. I would bet that buying the store means that they acquire the Yamaha franchise too. I dont see the logic in them buying the store just to close it down without any end gain. Expect to see Yamaha's in the ringwood showroom any day now.
  11. From what I have been told, PS has a 12 month lease on the building and will then move into the super store which is due to open by next Christmas.
    Chances are they'll clear out all the old stock and restock with what PS carries.
  12. i'd be checking the manufacture date on helmets.
    they never moved much stock there.
  13. my oldies used to have an office in new st. got my second chook-chaser from clipstone, they've been there 24-25 years that i remember, maybe longer than that
  14. That's where my son and both take our bikes for the stuff we can't do ourselves... very helpful team at http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/
  15. Hmmm, I wonder if they still have that GPZ900R that was sitting there for upwards of five years...
  16. They also had a couple of black fjr1300's for $19,000.
  17. Visited Clipstone Yamaha today Friday 3 February. Very sad looking. Lots of second hand Harleys, not many new bikes at all. That said, Clipstone seems to have had a lot of unsold new bikes on every visit I’ve made over the past ten years

    I thought Clipstone had a nearby parts place but could only find a (closed today) tyre fitting shop.