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(VIC) Claim Advice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mangi, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to know. If you have a accident on the road that is not your fault but your riding a bike larger than a 250 while on bike restrictions will the persons who fault it is insurance still pay out to fix the bike.?

  2. If the police are not involved and they do not know you are on restrictions, then there is prob no reason why not. I'm assuming you do not have insurance? Does it look like they are going to pay? I would just head down to the solicitor and get them to write you a letter of demand for the damages to get things moving.

    And welcome to netrider :)

  3. yeah no police attended and the guy has accepted fault. He doesn't know i am on restrictions. So you suggest going down to a solicitor and getting him to write a letter of demand to the actual person or the insurance company? wont it be investigated?
  4. Only if the other insurance company chooses to challange aspects of the case they may ask for more details. But +1 on before. They usually don't check.
  5. best of luck. keep in touch re the outcome.
  6. yep they dont check dude unless there is a dispute about who is at fault between parties...

    I know ive had it happen! Chick cut me off without indicating and had police come or she not accept liability I would have been #$%& in the ass. Feels wrong getting a new bike out of it knowing you were breaking license conditions lol.