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[vic] citylink speed cameras - 60 or 80km/h?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TomRGV, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know whether the speed cameras on citylink (the Burnley tunnel specifically) are set to book people travelling over the variable speed limit? Or just anyone travelling over 80km/h? Sometimes the speed limit is reduced to 60km/h, and i'd be interested to know whether a hypothetical person would get booked for doing 80km/h when a 60 speed limit applied.

    Unfortunately there is very little info about this on the web. I would assume that it would be technically possible to implement the variable speed limit on the cameras, but maybe they deliberately leave it at 80 because it would be unreasonable to book people for such a low speed.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  2. it is possible to have the camera work at both speeds. No idea if these ones do that.
  3. They are set to the variable limit.
    I went through the tunnel this afternoon and was nearly caught out by the drop in speed limit as well.
    Then the car park style traffic quickly reminded me :p

  4. hahahahahaahhahaaha, this is Victoria mate, they'll book you for standing still :roll:
  5. My Dad got booked for 44 in the tunnel when the speed limit was 40 kays on the variable signs.
  6. OMG...obviously a crazed baby killer speeder...remember wipe off 5 and save the world :roll:

    4k's what a fcuking joke! :evil:
  7. Lol @ Keith.
    I think he killed a baby and ran over a Kitten that morning!
  8. On the morning of September 12 2001 Steve Price from 3AW was driving into the radio station at 4am through the tunnel, didn't notice a 40km/h limit being applied and was done for 76km/h. Good bye licence for a month as a result.

    He also noted that there was no reason for the reduced limit at the time as there was no one else in the tunnel (no works going on) and bugger all traffic.

    So yes, the cameras are linked to the variable limits as are the ones on the Western Ring Road (ever noticed the spy cameras pointed at the signs just before the speed cameras on the WRR??).
  9. 44+3 alleged so he was doing 47 which means he would kill even more babies kittens and a few pet monkeys as well. ;)
  10. Correct - there is a bill before parliament making it illegal to stand around with more than 2c in your pockets. The penalty is being bashed with a 4 x 2 and having your pockets emptied.

    Oh wait... the gummint already do that.
  11. Thank god that maniac was removed from the road, i'm hoping a harsh jail sentance applies to he can kill no more babies or kittens.
  12. He was such a bad apple they put him on Sydney radio.......
  13. Wow! That's ridiculous - I have also noticed that the speed limit is sometimes reduced even though there is no other traffic around and no road works.

    Thanks for all the replies - it's good to know.

    Also I found a site (not sure how reliable) with the locations of the speed cameras on both tunnels, which may be of interest.

    from http://www.roadwatch.com.au/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=28

    Hydrant D13, Cameras rear facing and
    Hydrant D21, Cameras front facing

    Hydrant B8, Cameras rear facing
    Hydrant B20, Cameras front facing
    Hydrant B37, Cameras rear facing and
    Hydrant B50, Cameras front facing.