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[VIC] Citylink Freeway - section closed

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Morbo28, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Just rode in along Tulla/Citylink. They have blocked off the road inbound at the overpass at Bulla Rd.

    Detour takes traffic off the freeway at the Bulla Exit, over the overpasses then rejoin the freeway at the Bulla onramp.

    It's causing massive tailbacks, but for those those on a bike like I was, the wide lanes mean it's only an additional 10 mins to account for travelling at filtering speed.
  2. BTW just rode past it again in the opposite direction. Plenty of cops still there. Ambos gone. Firey's still cleaning up the spill.

    But looks like it might be cleaned up by the time the big speak hour hits. Tailbacks still back to the digital clock at Airport West.
  3. Thanks for moving, I initially thought about writing it here, but figured it wasn't hazardous per se, so put it in general :)

    Anyhoo, due to it being a weird day, I'll have to tackle that stretch of rd again in a few mins!!!! Hopefully it'll be reopen by now.

    Oh I know what might be hazardous!!:

    **Look out for oil/diesel spill remains under the Bulla Rd overpass inbound on Citylink*** It'll cover most of the road, but seems mostly in the LH lanes.

    Sweet :grin: