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vic champs may 3rd & 4th winton raceway

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. This is round 2 of the series. The final is at the island on Nov 15 to 16.
    It may be possible to organise some free tickets for nr members who would like to spectate. It would be one ticket per member only. Is any one interested? Also know of some very cheap accomodation close to the circuit if the distance is too far. (spectator entry fee is $20 for the weekend)

  2. Tickets


    I'd be totally interested in going to spectate!

    Might only be for the one day though, if the other day is a Sunday, because then I'm heading up to the Blue Mountains.

    But still - woo!
  3. Winton to the Blue Mountains, nice ride. Will find the time tomorrow to make the phone call re ticket availability.
  4. Garfield, are you racing?
  5. Would love to attend but as I don't live in the country it's a bit difficult sorry. Good luck.
  6. yeh, from the pit office to the control tower.....
  7. My entry is in. :grin:
  8. Ian, are you entering "The King Of Winton " race too?
  9. I haven't. I didn't think the 400 would stand much of a chance.

    Do you think I should?
  10. With you on it, course you will!
  11. Scrutineer would like to let all competitors know that GCR's & (p106) will be enforced at this meeting. Full details @ PMCC.
  12. Ian , king of winton is open to all. ..... say the field has a few bears bikes, two days of racing for the superbike/supersport.... you have the intelligence and the stamina......and if you have the tyres...... why not? Go for it, it can be done.
  13. Yeah, I'd reckon some of the guy's aren't too fit as some riders look like they explode after 6 laps. :LOL:

    I might see how the bike goes at Mac Park first.
  14. For all who are attending this meeting:
    Robert Hermans, a valued member of the Preston Motor Cycle Club, lost his life last Sunday morning in a tragic accident while trail bike riding with his son Billy. Robbie is an A grade road racer, an Australian Champion and International Competitor. He was also a person that was respected by all in the road race community and a very good family man.
    Robbie's son Billy is also a junior road racer and member of the PMCC.

    As a tribute to Robbie the following will be observed

    Black arm bands worn by competitors and officials and spectators wishing to pay their respect to Robbie. Black Velcro tape will be available at scrutineering or from the race secretary’s office.

    The King of Winton Race.
    The front row of the grid will be left vacant.

    The race will be preceded by one minute’s silence.

    The PMCC flag will be flown at half mast.
  15. Well done, all. :grin:
  16. #16 Ian Wiltshire, May 6, 2008
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  17. Thanx IW. Do you have footage of laps.
  18. Yeah, I have the last two races from the front of my bike and from the rear of Glenn Kettles bike.
    I'm going to try and get some footage from those up on the tube tonight.
  19. Good. put it here too.
  20. I am so happy I have no idea what's happening behind me. It'd scare the absolute shit out of me!!