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[Vic] Casey Stoner at Fed Square today at 4pm

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. According to Page 14 of todays Herald Sun Casey Stoner will be appearing at Federation Square in Melbourne from 4pm to sign autographs and meet fans.

    There will also be 2007 season highlights being shown on the big screen so one would safely assume that will be where it's all going to happen.

    For the handful of you who don't know where Fed Square is, it would be on the corner of Swanston & Flinders Streets :p
  2. Cheers, i'll definately be going!
  3. Dammit, i got the day off so I could have gone but alas, I have a hairdresser appointment at 4pm :(
  4. cancel the appointment! Motorbikes are much more important than looks.

    Got my Casey Stoner poster ready to be signed :D
  5. Problem is that I never know when my next day off will be (agency work) and I haven't had a haircut in about 12 months. Plus, I also have my Grandmother and my daughter booked in as well.
    Ahh well, I will have to settle for seeing him on the weekend. :grin:
  6. What with that new hair do of yours Flip, Dave will have to be carrying a BIG F.OFF stick, or hammer :nail:
  7. So who went?

    I was the guy who caught the first tshirt :D

    Got it signed, and two posters as well.

    Bad luck to all those who didn't get a chance to meet him - that channel 10 guy took up like 1/2 of the allocated signing time.

    Props to the guy who brought a ducktail from a Ducati to get signed :D
  8. Hey kids,

    Yeah i was there... Waited in line for a couple of hours with heaps of f*cking pricks pushing in (excuse the anger) and there was only about 10 more people to go in front of me and he stopped signing :cry: :evil:

    Wasnt too bad though as i caught up with a few netriders and made some new friends in line hehehe

    Got a few good shots - so here you go...

    Genuine Ducati MotoGP Race Replica RRP $100,000 :shock:

    Casey Stoner

    Casey Stoner signing

  9. Miss DJ. I think that you were a few people in front of me. Red and black jacket? Im the canadian guy. I was pretty pissed after waiting that long. Even spent sillly money on a ducati corse shirt just to get it signed.
  10. Miss Dj and BoostJunky, out of interest what time did you guys arrive at fed square?
  11. Three something. Not sure exactly. Had I know there was a netrider ahead I woulda got you to get my shirt signed! :p
  12. See that's unfair- I too got there at 3:30, and I luckily got my signing at just around 5 past 6.

    I blame channel 10 for interviewing for half the signing time

    If I had known there were netriders behind me I would have taken their stuffs to get signed! :p
  13. Hey!! I remember you!

    Yes that was me in the Alpinestars jacket lol

    Thanks mate :)

    Yeah i blame channel 10 as well as the lack of order on the stage with people getting 50 things signed...
    If they made it 1 or 2 max signatures per person like a production line, a lot more people would have been able to get something signed.

    There was some guy from the Fire Brigade who got about literally 15 things signed and was up there for ages...

    Oh well, what can you do?
  14. Word is there is a session on the Saturday @ the GP. I want my damn corse shirt signed so I might just leave for the track early enough to pull up a chair a couple hours before.

    Jomo...are you the one that decided to rush him from the side of the stage to get a helmet signed? lol If so you had the stupidest grin on your face after. lol :LOL:
  15. hi guys i was there at 2.00pm and there was another lady at 12pm so we got there early and it paid off. He would of got 50 signatures in. So who knows when the next actual signing session is at phillip island this weekend. I would like to grab rossi signature this time round!
  16. I also have a yammy team shirt for just such an occasion. :p
  17. Nope; that was the guy with the Nolan helmet I think... he was a few people behind me

    And the Fire Brigade guy missdj mentioned was about 2 people ahead of me.