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[Vic] Carparks to practice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rohizle, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Recently got my L's, new to motorbike's so can anyone recommend some good open spots to practice the basic's?

    Eastern suburbs and looking for decent surface, minimal lights / poles, and fairly deserted if possible, doesnt necessarily have to be a car park. Or what are some spots i should be looking out for?

    Will try and link up with one of the L ride days on here in the future also, cheers.
  2. Behind the lilydale council chambers, Big open car park with plenty of room to practice,
    has a couple of roads you can ride up and down on.
  3. Doncaster park and ride
  4. Chirnside Park shopping complex. Although with the K-Mart being open 24 hours you might have an audience should you be practising after dark.
  5. industrial parks are good down dandy way. best to check the road surface for screws/nails if you practice in unoccupied industrial areas. check out the Saturday morning practice sessions thread, they have a few places to practice.
  6. There's a good sized industrial estate in Braeside (just past Moorabbin Airport). It has roundabouts, sweeping curves, dead-ends (good for ebraking practice)...
  7. Thanks guys, got some good ideas.

    Anyone has more, please add. Cheers.
  8. Glenhuntly, Try that big carpark on the beach at Elwood, On Marine parade,
  9. How east are we talking here?

    Few good ones in and around Camberwell...
  10. Well im not sure how this is in the eastern burbs, but I found that the few housing developments we had around here were very handy once they had the roads layed down but before they started building. You basically have a suburban road network to yourself, and should anyone else show up you know they're there due to very good visibility.