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[Vic] Car registration increase?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. While we're all pumped up and angry at the TAC, I thought I'd ask a quick question.

    I literally just opened my registration renewal for the van, and it's gone up from $517.30 to $612.30???

    TAC premium is now $390!!

    What the? Who the?

    Can anybody explain this?
  2. Cost of living.
  3. Thought so. :(
  4. I bought an '07 CBR600RR a month ago and got the rego renewal notice yesterday. $550, with the TAC charge $470 of it!!?? What the hell! My cage ('88 VN Commodore) costs about the same each year...
  5. Yeah i noticed the same last time I got my renewal, it seems to go up every year.
  6. Got the renewal for the bike last week $520
    Got the renewal for the car yesterday $562

    $1100 payable 2 weeks apart :(
  7. car was $612.30 too. I almost fainted when I saw that only $183.30 is registration fees.
  8. I don't know why they just don't go to a user pays system.
    eg. add 20c a litre to the price of fuel ( being reg/TAC component ).
    The average cager uses at least 50 lt a week, a 20c-25c increase would amount to the cost of registration. I'd be happy to pay 10-15 bucks a week rather than a lump sum.
    This would also eliminate those unregistered vehicles out there.
  9. It's not designed to be fair, it's designed in a fashion that maximises profits for Vicroads, The Victorian Grubbyment and TAC, simple really.
  10. State governments are fairly restricted in how and what they can tax, I'm not sure they could do what you are suggesting even if they wanted to.
  11. But when is enough enough?

    It's just going to keep increasing every year, when do we bite the bullet and stop paying? I know i'm not gonna pay $1000/year just to keep a bike on the road!
  12. This would make to much sense. It would encourage lighter and more fuel efficent vehicles (Which happen to cause minimal damage to road surfaces). Which in the long run would see an improvment in pollution levels in Australia but would see the state government lose revenue. Its all about the numbers to them, never about practical long term commitments.
  13. Sadly, you may have uncovered their grand plan.
  14. Great idea.

    For a motorcyclist that would see a huge TAC Premium increase because as a motorcyclist you are much more likely to be injured in any collision. :deal:

    TAC doesn't really operate under the normal risk based premium of normal insurance but if it did then you'd think a motorcycle being a higher risk would be charged more. :facepalm:
  15. Well then. In the near future, lets combine a few factors and see just how willing the current law-abiding riders will be to stay "law-abiding":

    - $1000/year rego fee
    - RFID/GPS electronic tag (no speeding or they'll get you every time)
    - 100HP limit

    Of course those are all theoretical at this point, but are real enough in the sense that they're being considered and trialled around the world. If/when we get to that stage, i bet we'll see many, many more unriders. I'll be joining the ranks for sure.

    <goes to see if i still fit into the black ghostrider suit...>