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[VIC] Camera Flashes ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by NuXnug, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Just before

    Driving: on Middlebrough Rd towards Eastern Fwy (from South-side) to enter Ringwood Bound.

    Heading through the intersection towards right turning lanes to enter fwy. Lights turn amber.
    I believe 3 Flashes went off behind me. I was alone in the intersection, lights did not turn red until I had crossed the intersection.

    I've never been on that road before so i don't actually know the limit. But when i don't know roads or limit's i always drive 60. I am positive though the limit there could not have been 50.

    So i have nfi how i got flashed.
  2. Don't worry dude. Limit's 60. Some of those cameras are configured sensitive. Bastards are just trying to maximise revenue. The photo reviewer will have a lot of false positives to discard. You'll be fine.

    If you don't know what the speed limit is, drive / ride at 50 kph. It's the default urban speed limit in Victoria.

  3. Three flashes seems odd. Normally it is two. If you were definitely well into the intersection before it turned red then you didn't get done for running a red. The red light cameras normally operate on an induction loop system with loops before and after the line. Once the light turns red, the system goes live and if the loops before and after the line are tripped, you set off the camera and it takes its photos. I think you're safe with the red light. As for speed, if you were driving near enough to the posted limit then you're all right.

    Maybe it got someone going the other way. Here's why I say that. In 2007 I was driving along Alma Road in St Kilda when I sped up to sneak through the amber. I saw two flashes. I thought I was stuffed because it got me for speed. Someone else coming the other way pushed their luck even more than me in getting through before it turned red. I knew I was definitely well past the line when it turned red. No ticket ever arrived in the mail. That means that I made it and I didn't get done for speeding. I got a TomTom a few months later and that told me what I'd started to suspect when too much traffic was always going past me - my speedo shows 10% more than the actual car speed.
  4. First flash could have been red eye reduction.
  5. That intersection is a camera testing site, no issue there.
  6. spd_demon: yeah, 50 is for like fully suburban roads. I assumed 60 for Middlebrough Rd because its sort of a main rd.

    GoTeam: funny enough, if i can recall correctly, it flashed just as i got into the intersection, but lights were amber the whole way through.

    smee: what's the creditability for you saying its a testing site?

    I only ask because, my night hasn't been the best of nights, and as soon as it happened i was like... You got to be pulling my nuts. As if i was done for nothing. Then raged the rest of the way home.
  7. There is a sign saying so, there is also a camera testing site on high street road and huntingdale road.
  8. Wouldn't that then make it four in total since two separate photos are taken (red eye reduction + flash for the first photo then red eye reduction + flash for the second)?

    NuXung, I think you're safe. You weren't done for running a red light. The system doesn't trip while it is amber. I recall a stretch of Blackburn Road being 50 km/h but not on Middleborough Road. If you were doing 60 km/h then Smee's answer is really the only plausible answer.

    EDIT: Smee just posted that there's a sign. There you go.
  9. Actually I'm wrong, that particular camera I'm thinking of is on Canterbury and Elgar road.
    My Apologies for the error.
  10. If they work on induction loops, then bikes should never get done, I can rarely get a right turn arrow at intersections with induction loops!

  11. Dorcas/Sturt & Kings way is also a camera test site.
    Rarely goes off though.

    The one that gets a work out is the one on Kings Way & Park street.
    It's a speed/red light camera and it may as well be set to permanent strobe.
  12. Were there any trams? :)
  13. haha

    not on that road.
  14. I was gonna say... my wife has a fine for 3kmh over from that interesection that says its not testing!
  15. It is a 60 Km/h zone, but should be 70 Km/h given the road width, quality, and lack of driveways and so on. But it is a short stretch of road between sections that probably should be 70, but are marked 60, so it makes sense to be consistent.

    Anyway, I was flashed there some time back, when I had to blip the throttle to avoid a collision with a car that wanted my lane, to get across to the right turn lane. Two flashes, and the light turn amber just after I crossed the line.

    I to was angry that someone else's error was going to give me a ticket, but nothing came in the mail, so I would have to assume that the photo reviewer did their job correctly, or the car was picked for crossing late or speeding.

    You should be fine if all was as you describe. If not, ask to see the picture, and if it isn't blantantly wrong, ask to be forgiven this minor error.

    PS: There shouldn't be a camera there anyway. It is on a downhill section of road, and if you approach the hill at 60 and don't take positive action to slow, you will end up passing the camera at 70. I don't think speeding would be an issue at the intersection, and visibilty is good so running a red light should be rare, unless deliberate. Catching late lane changes for right hand turners would be the only significant reason for having a camera there, and camera's don't catch that sort of activity. The camera is probably a good revenue earner though.