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[VIC] Cagers = giving the rest of us a bad name

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Driver in 12-person crash tests positive
    Belinda Merhab, AAP August 6, 2011, 1:13 am

    The unlicensed driver of a four-wheel drive that rolled over while carrying 10 children in Victoria's west has returned a positive breath test, police say.

    Paramedics say the two adults and 10 children who were crammed into the vehicle when it rolled over on Friday afternoon are lucky to be alive.

    Ten children, ranging in age from infancy to seven years old, were taken to hospital following the crash in Rockbank.

    One of the children suffered a badly broken leg while another suffered suspected internal injuries, said paramedic Peter Norbury.

    The driver of the vehicle, a 34-year-old Epping woman, produced a positive preliminary breath test at the scene, police said.

    She was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for observation.

    Police are awaiting the results of a blood alcohol analysis before interviewing the woman in relation to criminal and traffic offences.

    Her 32-year-old male passenger was arrested at the scene of the crash for public drunkenness.

    The vehicle is believed to have left the road and rolled several times before it was found resting on its side by emergency services.

    Mr Norbury said the occupants of the car had suffered a range of injuries including fractures, grazing and chest and abdominal injuries.

    He said the children were shaken by the accident.

    "Initially the children were understandably very upset after what had been a major event; there was a lot of force in the accident," he said.

    "They received considerable shock and, for some of them, considerable injuries.

    "They did, however, manage to settle quickly and were remarkably stoic.

    "I think that we're fortunate that the injuries weren't more severe and that there were no fatalities in there."

    Five of the children were taken to the Royal Children's Hospital and the remaining five to Sunshine Hospital for observation.
    Police have seized the Pajero for examination.
  2. 10 kids? You're doing it wrong…
  3. Yeah, we're just one lonely motorcyclist doing what we do but we tend to be labeled worse than something like this article.
  4. you can get Aids from cagers too
  5. Hmm... Yes, it probably is time crack down on motorcyclists to prevent this kind thing.

    I'd say 'Darwin' if it wasn't for the kids involved, that just sucks.
  6. I saw this on news last night; how can you FIT two adults and ten kids into a car :shock:.....
  7. Its a pajero, 7 seats and the others stuffed in wherever they fit.
  8. oh, ok, thanks for that

    so obviously a few could not have had seatbelts....
  9. er der ](*,)

    A 7 seater with two adults and 10 kids all under 7years?
    It doesn't take a genius to work out that there is not enough room for
    Capsules and kid seats for 5 kids let alone the other 5.

    So no , not enough seat belts or brains with the adults concerned.

    Edit : just saw the video footage , the driver was unlicenced and only ONE of the kids was restrained!
    What complete knobs .. I feel sorry for the kids, they had no idea and hopefully wont remember anything either
  10. How many families were the kids from? I wonder if docs will be getting in on it.
  11. Saw it on the news too, I didn't imagine it would be as bad as it was when I posted the article. Thank goodness it didn't turn out any worse.

    7 of the kids belonged to the Mother. Maybe they'll spade her now to stop her having more.
  12. haha. i thought you meant spay.
    but now i realise you do mean spade.
    she needs her head lopped of with one
  13. oh dammit i said something not nice again ](*,).
    i will go join the sheeple now :bolt:

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  14. Hahaha....maybe the judge will spell it wrong too
  15. Don't worry the truth will come out in the end,
    A motorcyclist was speeding past, threw all the kids in the car, forced alcohol into the driver and passenger and then cut them off causing them to roll severel times, before the motorcyclist sped off at warp speed.
  16. Honestly curious here - what's the link between motorcycling and this?
  17. There isn't one, so someone will manufacture one.

    Just b/c they can, and motorcylist baiting is a sport.
  18. Reminds me of the parent who showed up to my son's Auskick session drinking JB & coke at 8 in the morning.

    Nice! (not)
  19. SEVEN KIDS - Clearly, he doesnt own an xbox or TV! (needs to stop breeding)
  20. What do you think the baby bonus is for - big screen tv's and ps3's.