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[VIC] Cactus & Friends do the GOR, Fri Oct 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: roughcactus

    Friday is going to be a perfect 28 degree day so ...who's gonna take the day off and come for a blat with me?

    Tiga??, Stookie??....who else?

    Meet point will be the Todd rd shell servo outbound at 9:30 for a 9:45 departure. Will travel down the f...

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  2. bloody short notice..... thought you were going o let us know early

    oh well migh thave to see how many sick days i have left, will confirm later in the week
  3. Ok then but can i wear my sandals as its going to be hot ?

    Count me in jumbo......
  4. So not fair..... bloody work..... GRRRRRRRRRRR
  5. Count me in!!

    Can't wait :grin:
  6. Just got my leave form signed!
    Bring it on! :grin:
  7. Er, cough, splutter, I think I'm developing a cold....
  8. Oh... that is unfortunate Cejay, You will miss out on a realy good ride :?
    Oh... Now I understand... Getting a cold.. Ahhh (I wont tell any one) :oops:
  9. I need to back at home by no later than 4pm so I can collect the chicks from kinder and then start work at 6pm.

    I'll come along but will go at a sedate pace, my rear tyre is shot.

    Keithy babe, meet you at the BP that is on the FWY not in bloody Lara this time ;)

    Little river I think it is. I'll be there around 10.15am
  10. If my week pans out as planned, I would like to join you guys for this one :grin:
  11. :shock: *Beats Kieth with a stick*

    Why must you make a ride that I cant come to... :LOL:

    Dont think I can make it, although... *cough* ... Stop breathing on me Cejay... ;)

    I'll have a new rear tyre to scrub in (if all goes well) too... :grin:

    Is that "slow" across going to be there too? ;) :p
  12. This day(Fri) is Keith's/Roughcactus' birthday too, so everyone goind be sure to give him an extra hard time :) Wish I could be there :(
  13. Give Keith a hard time......Pfttt.
    I give him a hard time all the time......he has man boobs and is too femanine for my liking, he has gone all metro sexual since getting hooked up with a Black bird.

    I hope he isnt leading the ride or I will have to take camping gear :wink:

    and vic will have no chance of getting home by 4pm.

    might need to get someone who isnt scared of the throttle to go at front.

    Keith can just catch up in his own time.

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. You and me both, I'll be stuck with a 6,000rpm limit.
  15. Finally Tiga and stookie looking after the rear of the group.......just like old times..... :grin:
  16. Hmm, 500Km round trip from my place, if returning via Colac. Class 4: Experienced you say. Yep, I can probably do that. Will need to confirm later in the week though.

    I assume that the "Todd Road Shell Servo outbound" is the West bound Service Centre off the Westgate Freeway in Port Melbourne. Am I right?
  17. Why......

    Couldn't you wait til Saturday when I have the day off.....

    I think you boys are out to make sure Jay has as much fun as possible without me there :cry: . Oh well....I have only one day (overnight :roll: ) of work in 10 days from this Friday afternoon!!!! Bring it on!!!!
  18. Outbound always means heading out/away from the city. So it's the servo that heads out over the westgate bridge on route to Geelong
  19. LiL... didn't you hear?
    Jay was giving me the bike for Saturday, so we could take the people that dont have Friday off, out on Saturday... He's sooo generous...
    And if he wants to tag along he can ride my bike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I'd love to come if it's not gonna freak anyone out! :grin: Motivation to be extra careful...