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[VIC] C511 Reefton

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by mexiwi, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. They are digging out all the roadsixe drains and there is heaps of mud and dirt on the road. First half from the turn off from Marysville side heading towards Reefton.

    Looks like they will be continueing tomorrow.

    Is this road the Reefton Spur? Its my first time thru there.

  2. The Reffton Spur starts 20km east of Warburton and the junction of the Warburton-Woods Point Road and the Upper Yarra Dam turnoff, and heads north easterly upward for 21km to a "T" intersection with the Marysville-Woods Point Road. You were heading towards it and could have gone down the Reefton if you continued. I find it best going anticlockwise as I go up the spur, but as againts that, I end up going down to Marysville.

    If you include a loop from the eastern suburbs, say from Ringwood or Ferntree Gully, you can do a 200-230km loop including The Dandenongs, Gembrook, Woori Yallock, Warburton, The Reefton, Marysville, The Black Spur, Healesville and back to the burbs. There are also detours, Lake Mountain, Chum Creek, Myers Creek, Kinglake. I highly recommend a trip and would like any excuse to ride one with you.

    Hope the map upload works. As there are not a lot of roads around, there are not many turns - fantasctic country, but you wouldnt want to get lost and run out of fuel.

  3. Ok - That is the Reefton Spur I am talking about then - the top half of the road you have highlighted has dirt and mud all over the uphill lane, I would say they will continue it tomorrow.

    I went from Marysville thru Reefton to Warburton so i have now done the Reefton Spur - sweet.
  4. I was in Marysville yesterday and a couple other riders said there was still a lot of mud on the Spur on the lower half.
  5. Yep, did it Sunday, its a mess
  6. it was clean today no cars in front all the way FUN