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[VIC] Bye bye demerit point.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chollima, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. :woot: :dance: :cheeky:
    Take that demerit point. :blackeye: Bye bye $146 fine.
    And I didn't fulfill the proper criteria.

  2. You suck. :p

    I just got the 'courtesy letter' advising me of the 3 points I lost while going a little bit too fast to get to Ride for the Hills on time. :(
  3. So did you just plead for a reduction or did you actually challenge the charge?
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  5. I'd say so, it sounds like the letter I got... and I didn't meet the 'criteria' either, I'd had my probationary license for a month (actually, just shy of it) when I got snapped doing (alleged) 67 in a 60 zone... got away with it =D>, and since then have only had one other flash... 3 months ago and still no letter :angel:
  6. Just make sure that points have been withdrawn too as they are on different systems. e.g. getting a fine withdrawn in court doesn't necessarily mean the point is withdrawn too. Do a search on these forums for some horror stories ;)
  7. If the offense is upheld but the financial penalty removed, the points will remain. The letter to the OP is somewhat unclear. It says the Infringement notice has been withdrawn (so no points?), but also that an offense had definitely been committed (?).

    Just better hope that the points never got to Vicroads because after that it's too late to get it reversed. My blind guess is that you are OK.
  8. All those letters say an offense has been committed.

    That's because you have to admit your guilt to get the warning.
  9. You'd bloody hope they'd throw it out, being done for 7kmh over the limit - thats an outrage ffs..
  10. I've been pinned for 6...

    Wrote in an appeal, but I was on my red P's at the time... Pretty much told me to shove it and deal with it. arseholes
  11. Think about how many kittens were killed by you guys doing 6-7 over the limit. what about the children? Won't you guys think about the children
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  12. Children, schmildren..... what about....

    World Peace !!!
  13. Sorry, should've also quoted the third paragraph:

    And yes, this was the vicpolice "ask nicely to change the infringement notice into an official warning" thing. Sent off a letter that ticked all the boxes, including the requirement that says you must admit the offence. Begging rather than appealing.

    Edit: Oh, was doing alleged 67 in a 60. No long excuses in my letter. Just said I thought I was in a 70 zone and it was all my fault and I was very very sorry (as I could of easily killed lots of Winchelsea kittens and children and fluffy bunnies).
  14. Here's the letter if anyone wishes to use as a template:


    Officer in Charge
    Traffic Camera Office
    GPO Box 1916
    Melbourne VIC 3001

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Obligation Number: XXXXXXXXXX
    Infringement Notice Number: XXXXXXXXXX
    Infringement Notice Date: DD/MM/YYYY
    Vehicle Registration Number: XXXXX

    I kindly request that an official warning be issued in place of the infringement notice detailed above; the exact details of the notice can be obtained from the attached copy. I was at fault, as I mistakenly believed that I was in a X zone. [Note: Having X greater than 110 would not be advisable.]

    This is my first infringement since DD/MM/YYYY, and I therefore ask for leniency in this case.

    Yours faithfully,


    Mr G S Chollima,
    500 Suzuki Road,
    VIC 3000
  15. I wouldn't post a real address on an open forum btw ;)
  16. I'm not worried, I have an open house policy.
    Come around my place for a beer, everyone's invited. :beer:
  17. i have done this twice now (in the car). first time about 6 years ago doing 65 in a 60 zone and then today i got a letter saying they will waive the fine and issue a warning for doing 88 in an 80 zone a month or so ago
    my letter was pretty similar to yours chollima. i admitted i was speeding and beg for forgiveness from those revenue raising nazis. goodby demirit points, goodbye fine.
    I did have to pay a fine about 5 years ago though for doing 61 in a 60 zone....1km over the limit......1km ffs!!!