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[VIC] Buying interstate - need an inspection

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Hey fellas,

    I'm looking at buying a bike in Victoria and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a mechanic or someone similar who would be able to examine a motorcycle for me prior to purchase.

    It's at a dealership and the bike has 3/4 of the warranty left but I've been told I should still get it checked. Is this advice valid considering it's covered for another 17 months?

    Also - is it too ambitious to ride a sports bike back up to Sydney? :grin:
    Or should I get it shipped??

    I'm looking to move on the machine quite quickly and have already placed a small holding deposit to allow negotiations, thanks in advance for all your advice guys!

    It's located @ Metro Honda & Ducati - anyone have an opinion of them?
  2. Ask Scumbag...he works there :p
  3. I just found out I have to pay CTP on the bike again as it's transfering states... that is an absolute killer. I thought CTP stuck with the bike!
  4. CTP is state based, along with rego, but when do deregister the bike in Vic, you get back the unused portion of the rego. So it shouldn't really make much dfrnce as you will only be paying one CTP at a time. (edit: I believe :) )

    Riding it back to Syd...I would, depends on your experience :grin:
  5. shipping it would cost you less then flying there and then ridding it back!
  6. See to me, this just seems like a purpose built excuse for a roadtrip!

    But I guess if you aren't confident / wanna save money / don't have the time, you could ship it. But you'll will you wanns see the bike in the flesh before you buy anyway, or are you happy to just get an independant inspection?
  7. They've said shipping $300. I would do the roadtrip just for the fun of it, take me a full day if not more if I get uber tired.

    I have found all rego etc for NSW will cost me $1250. This is inclusive of stamp duty, $700 in CTP, and various rego costs. In all honesty I think the guy who traded it in (apparently is close to 50) would have had a low TAC charge, therefore I wouldn't see much back.

    I thought I had done all my research but I had completely overlooked registration and CTP, assuming it would just carry on from Vic and at most I'd need new plates. Sigh!

    Unless there's something I'm missing or Metro is willing to slash the price by that much then I think this is no deal :( I was so enthusiastic too, but I have set myself a clear budget and I don't think this will fall within it.
  8. To quote the lovely Peeah, ask Scumbag. he knows stuff.
  9. I was dealing with 'Glen' - sounded like a top bloke. Unfortunately I couldn't come to the table after I realised the additional costs and I believe it has been snapped up by another buyer, so disappointed. I was all keen about the epic interstate journey and everything.

    Now some guy in Sydney is trying to sell me a red one. Sigh. :( lol.
  10. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. You could always ship it to Melbourne, fly to Melbourne then ride it back...but upon reflection that just seems a bit...I dunno...silly?

    Whack up a post in this thread to let us know which bike you end up getting :grin:
  11. I am having no luck. Went to check out one in Sydney and it sold less than a couple of hours out of me inspecting the bike (it was parked in the city).