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VIC - bushfire relief - volunteer labour!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MacManMike, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right or wrong area for this, but the 4WD club I am a member of is active in the volunteer work to help clean up the after the Victorian bushfires.

    If there are one or two people who feel like joining me on Saturday 14 March to do some yakka removing old stuffed fences and helping to erect new ones send me a PM.

    It's not glamorous, but it's work that needs doing and the farmers can't even think about restocking without appropriate fencing - and it's very much a case of many hands making light work.

    Likely area would be either Strathewen or Kilmore East, but either way it's not really somewhere to ride to. I'd suggest coming to meet me and going in my vehicle.
  2. i'd be on it like a flash, if i didn't work weekends. Fencing can be fun people!
  3. got anymore details? who to contact etc.
  4. This is something being organised through the club itself, as a member of 4WD Victoria - http://www.fwdvictoria.org.au/default0.asp

    So that things are coordinated, my club is asking members to register for particular days in particular areas. This avoids having 500 people turn up to one area when they needed 50 in ten different areas.

    Anyone interested in helping out on the Saturday, drop me a line and I can register myself and helpers for one of the sites.
  5. Anyone wanting to do something work to help can have a look at this site:


    Based in and around Kilmore, there is absolutely no shortage of things that need doing. They'll gratefully accept help from anyone with time to give.

    No particular skills required, but any skills can be put to use. A pair of work boots and gloves is recommended.

    Come on folks!