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[VIC] Bushfire Bike Show, Kinglake, Sun May 17th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 12, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Craig Lovick

    The National Park Hotel in King Lake, Victoria.

    The February 2009 bush fires came within metres of the pub, but the pub survived. Much of the rest of the town did not. Like too many other towns King Lake is recovering slowly. You can help if you ca...

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  2. What a shame ! I won't be in Melbourne till the 20th, so I'll miss out. Rode through Whittlesea & Kinglake 12 days ago, on a beautiful day, 30th April. Stopped and said hello to some locals. It was wonderful to see the area being redeveloped.
    Enjoy a good day's ride ladies and gents.

  3. I'think, I'll make the effort and attend this.
  4. I went there... there was a BSA Rocket 3, a Suzuki GS100, a old Douglas, a Noton 850 Commando and about 100 freakin' Harleys on show.
    I paid $20 (me and the wife went) to look at inferior machines.
    I found a brick wall and banged my head against it on the way out.
  5. worst show ever. :evil:
  6. So did you ask for your money back?
  7. nup, but i should have.....
  8. OMG :shock: I was working on one of the blocks near there and my ears were accosted with the horrible voice of the woman singing. Thankfully the noise of my chain saw drowned out most of it. It almost sounded like Karaoke... :? I can only imagine how bad the rest of it was.
  9. Hmmmmm..the bike show seemed to be organised by some Harley Riders Club. We had a sneaky look at the trophies.
    I actually found out about the show in Fridays Sun news paper in the cars guide. They didn't mention the admission price or what would be on show.
    Next time I'll phone ahead.
    I really didn't want to travel for an couple of hours to look at shit Harleys.
  10. yep, unfortunately it was run and judged by the same "people" that organise a lot of the local shows. it cost $20 to enter, and the judges wouldn't know cast iron from titanium if it hit them on the head! lol.
    it's disappointing judging isn't done on a bikes merit but rather who knows who.
  11. I wasn't overly impressed with the 'show' either, though there were some nifty bikes outside.
    The money raised was for the CFA unit so I was told, soI don't mind the donation.
    Took a few photos and rode on to Healsville, via Chum Creek.