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(Vic) Burke rd, Camberwell

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Quo Vadas, May 26, 2011.

  1. Just a heads up, there is a massive petrol spill frm a truck from the Shell service station on Burke rd (near the train station). The petrol is running down the hill back towards the junction so be careful.
    Tram tracks and petrol = awesome times :(


  2. Unintentional drifting ....
    Kind of you to post mate - goodonya (y)

    Oh, like the new sig. too ;)
  3. Thanks Nickers.

    I'm a good kid :)

  4. It's diesel and they've closed down that end of Burke Rd til they clean it up.
  5. Damn, I hope there are no smokers around! Looks like a recipe for disaster.
  6. There was/is an 'event' we used to carry out in the NT some years ago called :

    'Race of the flaming a**holes' - Though choreographed differently, I wonder if this would apply should someone light one up ?
  7. they closed it to cars, but let trams through......
  8. Strange...If the tram wheels gives off a spark when in contact with the metal tracks, will there a ka-booom?
  9. No explosive risks with diesel - and if it was petrol then the clean up would be far easier. It's not all that easy to even get diesel to burn without some sort of starter.

    Diesel wil react with the surface and soak in - petrol is far simpler to wash away.
  10. poly foam, soap flakes, err i might not finish that :D

  11. Is that the voice of experience there... :)
  12. a few pyrotechnics on excercise.
  13. Yeah you have to heat diesel up for it to ignite. I saw this on the news and they had covered it in some white flame suppresant stuff