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[VIC] BROS MC Poker run , Sat Jan 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: groberts03

    The BROS MC poker run.
    Saturday 26 January 2008
    meeting at Golden fleece Hotel,
    High st Melton leaving 12 noon sharp
    $20 entry
    1st Prize $500,2nd Prize $200
    All welcome to Party at Clubhouse after the run


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  2. gawd, now what do I do...... the blue ribbon ride is on the same day :?
  3. I bet the Police blue ribbon ride isnt as much fun :wink:
  4. Orighty, you twisted my arm :LOL:
    I've passed the details onto Duhast too, he's gonna join us :grin: :cool:
  5. As is the Confusion rally and the Phillip Island classic, both events Always on Australia day, suggest next year they pick a date that doesn;t clash with everything else please Groberts :D
  6. ole georgie boy will be in his element :LOL:
  7. Looking forward to catching up .
    So how many other people are coming over to the dark side for the day :wink:
  8. Had great fun on the last poker run. So will be up for this. See you there, Caz will pm and arrange a meeting before as discussed on Sunday.

    Anyone else coming out to play?
  9. Make sure you catch up with me while you are there.
    I will hunt you and Caz out and George if his there .
    Its a great run , great after party too .
  10. Bro's parties rock...Im there.
  11. It was good to meet you all
    stretch and co hung around for a good while that night and good to meet Isle and smarty too .
    anyway i will place up some pics of the run once i get them cleared .
    I hope you all had a good time cheers .
  12. Had a ball mate. (more drinking than riding) good bunch of blokes, good food and after party. See ya on the 7th one.
    Thanks boys.
  13. So have ya got some pics Glen?
  14. got some I will Place them up in the multi-media section now .
    sorry it took so long had to get approval from the club.