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[Vic] Bring back Jeff Kennett!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, May 4, 2006.

  1. You want us to bend over and spread 'em AGAIN???!!!!! :shock:
  2. How will it be different to the way you spread them now for the current crop of reamers?
  3. Your already spReding them by stelth thats how bracks is getting you :LOL: At least with jeff you knew what was going :grin: Jeff takes over bankrupt state re kirner/cain. GETS THINGS GOING AGAIN . Then Bracks takes over from kennett JOBS GO ,CAMEREAS COME ,TOLL ROAD MITCHAM,redgo goes up, stamp dutie stays,bike tax.Should i continue ?? i think the picture is CLEAR
  4. If it'd be no different, why change?
  5. Gromit, you're a Melb resident, Jeff was great to you!
    I just want someone to piss the speed cameras off between Geelong and Melb...they'll be the end of me :(
  6. WHY CHANGE :shock: :shock: :shock: look at all the people that kept voting for howard,tampa, weat board, war,gst, industrial laws ,sacked workers im thinking thats why change :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Gotta say, Labour in power - useless. Bullshit new laws and nothing good comes out at the end. Liberal in power - lot's of hurt but there is normally a decent outcome. Seems Labour only gets in after people get sick of the Liberals and then everyone is made to remember how bad the Labour blokes are so Liberals get back in. In NSW Labour is gooonnneeee! Bob Carr could see it coming. I will vote against them for Cross City Tunnel alone.

    And I used to be a Labour man
  8. We're talking state election, not Federal. They're all perfectly good reasons not to vote for John Howard next time around.

    In Victoria, it's richly ironic that Kennett has recently spent a lot of time working to fight depression given that his government caused so much of it. He wasn't even a competent economic manager - look at the privatisation of the rail system.

    There were very good reasons why his government was voted out. Don't forget them.
  9. As the beautiful Kylie Minogue said...

    better the devil you know, better the devil you know.....

    Why the arguements??? They're politicians, they're both useless, liars, deceptive...............
  10. Kennett may have pissed a few people off but at least he got stuff done.

    What the hell has bracks ever in his time other than finish or try to finish the projects that Kennett started? after 6 years in charge i'm still waiting for the Scorsby freeway to be completed and when it finally is we'll be getting tolled for it.

    Bring back Jeff...
  11. +1 jeff. anything to potentially escape '3km/h over the limit and you're going to killllllll someone!!!!!'
  12. I always thought Jeff Kennett was the best premier this state ever had and if he came back i would be voting for him for sure.
  13. how is bloody jeff any different to bracks? :LOL: how is he any different to any dum lieing polly eh? there all liers and they all brainwash the public to gain power :LOL:
  14. Jeff was voted out because he was an asshole and he didn't do anything that wasn't just a liberal agenda.
    I don't know why on earth people would put that prick back in power.
    People have short memories.
  15. :LOL: and he wears a pathetic horrible brown and gold striped jacket on sat arvo's :LOL: yes jeff is a joke :LOL:
  16. This must surely be a joke, right?? What's the old statement about ex-politicians remaining ex-? It's depressing....
  17. Cant say i'm a giant of political knowledge, but Jeff got things done. Citylink, casino, exhibition building, grand prix, many large projects were completed because of him. Just the number plate slogans has got me- what would you prefer 'victoria on the move' or 'victoria the place to be'. Instead of hiring endless consulants Jeff just did it! And personally i just can't stand the way Bracksie talks, it just gets on my nerves lol. But yeah only my opinion and at the end of the day they are both politicians!

  18. Becuase Jeff used to tell you you were being punched.

    This other Cork Storker, knob jockey, scrotum scratching, shit for brains, stab you in the back, kick you when you are down, F4cking thief and best of all he has done nothing since he has been in power. There first term they were still coming to term that they were in. Voters at teh time (liberal) wanted to send Jeff a message and vote labout to scare Jeff. Well it looked like a lot of people did that.

    This useless Bracks pr1ck always says the same shit.......we'll look into it, we will get a comittee to look at it etc etc. They believe if we dont do anything they cant blame us. These magots have been riding the gravy train from Jeffs days of things that they have put into plave. Majot projects etc. All these Labour scum sucking purile puss balls do is go around and cut ribbons from projects that Jeff got up.

    When things are stable in the economy government dont usually change and thats how the magot brack's has stayed. Useless sludge that he is.

    Cheers :cool:
  19. :wink:

    Cheers :cool: