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[VIC] Brighton Suzuki Quote for First Service (1000k) on 2011 Suzuki Boulevard VZ800 - $650-700

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by fmu, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. I see that recently, in murchy's thread 123996, PS quoted him $450 for the first service on a 2011 Hyosung GT650R. Many said it was too high and to go elsewhere/DIY so I thought I'd share my quote today.

    I called Brighton Suzuki and asked to book in my 2011 M50 for its first service and he said "First service...that means valve clearances. You're looking at $650 to $700 for that".

    For those interested, here's the list of things a mechanic is supposed to do on the first service as per the Suzuki VZ800 Service Manual:

    • Tighten exhaust pipe bolts and muffler bolts
    • Inspect valve clearances (I checked and this looks like the most work)
    • Replace engine oil
    • Replace engine oil filter
    • Inspect idle speed
    • Inspect throttle cable play
    • Inspect throttle valve synchronization (CA. only) - You need a vacuum balancer gauge for this
    • Replace final gear oil
    • Inspect brakes
    • Inspect steering
    • Tighten chassis bolts and nuts

    Apart from valve clearances, which seem a royal PITA, and the "Inspect throttle valve synchronization (CA. only)", it all seems quite straight forward - is this too much to pay?

    I am not entirely sceptical since I work in IT and I know that time is money and if the above takes time then it will cost someone dearly to have a qualified mechanic on the job. However, I would like to hear from those who have maybe had the first service done on their M50 already and where and how much it was and whether they did any of it themselves.

    As always, thanks for your constructive responses!

  2. Start with $80 an hour for the mechanic's time........

    I pay over $300 just for a normal service on a bike that's got 158,000 kms on it....
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  3. This is strange:

    Valve clearance inspection (by the book) at 1000K first service? Seesh!

    However if they do ALL that work on your bike then I reckon you'd be hard pressed to find it cheaper than 650bones anywhere....
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  4. Thanks Hornet!
  5. Indeed, I don't quite understand the valve clearance procedure but what I've gleaned from other posts is that it's normally something you wouldn't do so soon...thanks for your comments BitSar!
  6. CA often stands for California, the models delivered there have special emission control systems, and that service item would not apply to an Aussie delivered motorcycle.

    A quote in the range of $650-$700 would suggest to me they are replacing all the fluids and consumables rather than just the ones on your list, as well as inspecting the valves (which are unlikely to require adjustment but on occasion come tight from the factory). This over-servicing is generally how dealers recoup some of the margin lost on the sale of a new motorcycle in a competitive market.

    You should phone an independent mechanic and get a quote. Servicing a vehicle (car or motorcycle) with an independent does not affect your warranty with the manufacturer. I use a bloke in Ferntree Gully but don't know anyone Brighton way.
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  7. Mate of mine has an M50 & got told the same about checking valve clearances. Took it to anther non Suzuki dealer who did the 1000k service without valve check & stamped the book. Other mechanic claimed there is no way you should need to check valves at first service. Dont know what will happen if there is a warrant further down the track though???

  8. Thanks, Captain Slow! That's some great advice. Makes sense about them recouping as I had a $2000 'misunderstanding' when trading in my previous bike for this one. Agreed on one price but, when the M50's price dropped so did what they were willing to give me for the trade-in - perfectly in synch too :)

    Good to know it won't affect warranty as that's usually the implication from dealers. I'll definitely get another quote, thanks again!
  9. Read this! .....and yes it has been posted many times before on this and other forums.
  10. Thanks, Whitey. The warranty is the one thing that I do keep in mind. This is going to be my baby for quite a while, far longer than the warranty will be valid, so I do want to take care of her :)
  11. Funny, I was on that site just before having a laff at the poor state of some of the bikes brought in. That is, until I remembered that I'd done a similar thing to my gixxer's front tyre. I still can't get over how I managed to miss the tread wearing so badly despite checking it. Hard riding right after a check perhaps...

    Thanks for that E2W, I'd read oblique references to something like that, good to have the actual link!
  12. $650-700 for an unfaired twin..?

    That 800 has been around a long time, so might be a screw and locknut valve adjustment, which is pretty basic. If it is, the check might be to make sure nothing in there has loosened up. If it's shims, then it still shouldn't be a big job. A GSX-R 600 on the other hand...

    If it's in the book, then don't skip it.

    But considering the rest of the 1st service is mostly check/adjust stuff, and you're only needing filter and oils for the engine and final drive, it sounds well overpriced to me.

    It's not major city overheads, but the non-bike dealer mechanic here told me last week $230 for a VFR750 service including the valves checked, and that's twice as many as the VZ. Might be a bit less since the oil and filter are already done. I'll probably take off the bodywork beforehand as well.

    I think the 10 000km Street Triple service at AJ's in Shepparton cost me about $260, and well less for the 1st one, and that was with a fair hefty price for the synthetic oil.

    Shop around for sure, and look further afield if it means saving a fair wad and getting to go for a ride.
  13. Thanks Wayne, seems the consensus is to ask around which I really should have done already. I have learned a few things and there's good advice here for anyone else in this situation so thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it goes.


  14. What will happen is, like gambling you may win you may lose. Some bikes require a valve inspection some don't, if you do your homework prior to purchase it's pretty easy to get an idea of servicing costs.

    You are required to service your bike by the book...that means if it says a 1000k valve clearance check you do it...if it says change the oil and filter you do both whether you have the deed done by an authorised dealer or independant doesn't matter.

    However by not doing it by the book the manufacturer may well choose not honour your warranty. Read your owners manual, it will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do.
  15. $650-$700 for a first service sounds overpriced to me.
    $170 (or was it $150) for the first service on my DR650 at the Honda/Suzuki/KTM dealership in Ferntree Gully and they did a good job. Mind you that is a very, VERY good price.
  16. I never use a dealer workshop, I've always believed the brand name on the shop window is just a licence to rip you off.

    I'd rather go to an independant workshop, and get a price up front, a lot of that stuff you can do yourself.

    Me personally, I never take a lot of notice of a log book when I buy a bike or a car, I would rather get a reputable mechanic to look at it first.
  17. The problem you have hear is the Valve clearance . I was told by 3 shops its a 7 hour job on my VFR pull the thing to bits and put it all back together again . So a 26k service was $950.00 with valves checked

    If I go by the book it should be done at 24k But when I rang the Honda dealer they sent me an email saying that they hand never seen one that needed the valves adjusting .

    and most riders on the VFR forum wait until 40k .So I decided to leave mine .

    its up to you go by the book or not ''8-[ but the money sounds right if that's what they are doing ,.have a look on the Suzuki forum may help
  18. I take it that's a VTEC, like in your avatar.

    That's a WHOLE different story.

    Or to quote the same mechanic I mentioned earlier: "C*nts of things..."
  19. go next door to motoheaven or further down to bikes and bits... one of them should be able to beat that price i reckon
  20. Try getting a price from another Suzuki dealer, I suggest trying Mick Hone in Box Hill - from memory the 1000km service on my old M50 was cheaper than the figure you mentioned.