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[VIC] Breakfast run to Arthurs Seat, Sat Feb 3rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ratbag

    Time to have a breakfast run to Arthurs Seat for Sat 3rd Feb.

    All are welcome, so this will be a fairly relax ride. Won't be going over the speed limits.

    Meet time: 9am for a 9:30am departure
    Meeting: Mobil Servo, Frankson (cnr Moorooduc Hwy a...

    ... more

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  2. Forgot to add that there will be a more spirited ride to Flinders after brekky.
  3. sounds like a nice laid-back ride, see u at the servo :grin:

    also looks like its going 2 b a gr8 day :dance:
  4. Sounds good to me,if i can drag my lazy ass out of my bed, im only on a 2fiddy
  5. sounds like at plan..... :cool:

    see you at the meet point....

    Forecast for Saturday
    Fine. A mostly sunny day with light to moderate southerly winds and fresh
    afternoon seabreezes.

    Precis: Fine.
    City: Min 17 Max 29
  6. Good idea! Hopefully I'll be there. :LOL:
  7. Great breakfast and company thks to everyone....

    geez by the end of the day "Arthurs Seat" looked like the black spur... :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Great day today, had a blast with great company :grin:

    That's cause it was the black spur we ended up at. Geez you need to know your roads a bit better... :p
  9. great ride n nice peeps,thanks for putting up with my ickle 2fiddy
    hope to see you guys n gals around the traps,are the coffee nights any good?? Rory
  10. Everyone on netrider is nice and coffee nights are what you make of them. Drop by, introduce yourself and join in and you should have a good time.
  11. I missed this ride, I was interstate and didn't find out about it until late y/day arvo :(

    It's been talked about before, but perhaps it's time to introduce/reintroduce coffee nights in the Mornington Peninsula area?I'm not necessarily putting my hand up to organise one, but I'd be happy to go!
  12. Peninsula coffee nights sound good to me,id be up for that!!!!
  13. There's a few NRs down our way, and it is accessible from most SE 'burbs and some of South Gippy i.e. not more than 45 mins away-ish, so bring it on :grin:
  14. How did I over look this run? Damn!