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[VIC] Bracks' road safety campaign is working really well

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jul 13, 2007.

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  2. Yeah saw that. this is the same kid that when found pissed off his head last cristmas said "oh no dad, i must have had my drink spiked" and we spent tax $$$$$ for the police investigation.

    Bracks was, is and always will be a fcuk head.
  3. Knowing anf having personally taught the Bracks kid I am not going to tolerate people making slanderous comments about his drink spiking.
    Yes he fcuked up but there is no need to turn it into a completely off topic slanderous campaign against a 19 year old kid oor his concerned parent just as much you or others would not want it being about your kid.
    Play fair people.
  4. not a thing wrong with Woodsy's comments.

    Young Brack$ lied and cost the state thousands. He's a drunken little yobbo that drinks & behaves iressponsibly. Whether or not you taught him is irrelavant.

    This is not slander, it is fact.

    Bracks is a dipshit as much as his old man!!
  5. haha

    + 1
  6. Let's just say i'm privy to stuff you guys are not and Woodsy's comments are slanderous I've said enough.
  7. I actually felt sorry for Bracks in his interview. Take aside he's a complete prick (the dad), he's found out that his son had quite a serious accident, a passenger is in hospital and the car is written off. To compound that, it looks like his son is just like lots of young males and drinks to excess (this is his 3rd drink related incident - that has come to light).

    On the other side, I don't see what is slanderous about anything that was said.
  8. I think woodsy is spot on. He is a dickhead.

    The only thing that you may be privvy to that the rest of us aren't is that this is planned by his plastic headed father to keep the Bracks name in the media and young Brack$ie isn't a dickhead.

    The bloke runs around pissed, he drives around pissed, next he'll T-bone you at an intersections and plead SMIDSY. Will you then call him a dickhead or defend the twit as you are doing now?
  9. Ok this is the last Time I'll respond to your Trolling Vic.
    I said he fcuked up
    I'm not defending his actions but I know stuff you don't about the drink spiking and thats the end of it.
    What you want to say from here on in is your opinion and you are entitled to it. i'm out of this because it's becoming a conflict of interest.
  10. Who's trolling???

    Sensitive people tonight.

    One disagrees with another it's "trolling" or the answers aren't the ones we were hoping for they are "robotic"

    I give up. Friday the 13th has bought the weirdo's out of hiding.

    T I L T !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Give a shite .. has nothing to do with this incident. Driving whilst almost 3 times over the limit, speeding, wrote-off his car, and caused his passenger to be taken to hospital, and refused to be taken there himself. No more feelings for this kid that a druggy who's OD'd.

    Often better to keep your opinion to yourself, than try to defend the undefendable, when the puppet master won't even let you defend it :wink:
  12. I can't stand Steve Bracks. Among many things he is a liar (Eastern "Freeway") and an addict to what I call illegitimate revenue - speed cameras, gambling and exorbitant stamp duty on family homes. I have no respect for him or his party and will celebrate the day those money-whore nannies are booted out of parliament :woot:

    Having said that, Steve is no more responsible for his adult son's actions than your or my parents were for the stupid things we did as 18, 19 and 20 year olds. Yeah, he is a f%$*wit premier, but he is also a parent, a father, a husband, a man. I think as people we should have the decency to feel just a bit of compassion and empathy for a dad having to deal with the trauma of his son's stupidity. To take shots at him personally over this would not be fair and would be pretty low. It is his son who deserves the heat and all that is coming to him.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
  13. Its not the first time he has been in trouble with the law and alcohol has been involved.
    its amazing how when people get into trouble its allways alcohols fault or they were spiked .

    your honour she did love me , it just took the rhohypnols to het her to admit it . :wink:

    all i can say , is suck it up bracksy ( both of them) , do the crime now do the time .
    bet he doesnt get charged with 21,000,000 traffic offenses and do any serious punishment .
    just like a footballer , nice slap and on your way , sorry to inconviance with a court case ..... mr diadac, mr cousins, mr bracks.
  14. Nah, he's just lost his licence. Should've been a crucifixion, hey?

    Anyway, what I found offensive was the article about being "a parent's worst nightmare.". What rubbish. That would be if the cops pay a visit to advise you that your child is no longer with you.

    THAT is a parent's worst nightmare come true.
  15. Not if you're a politician, ...........death before dishonour. :wink:
  16. I never quite understood this? What is illegitimate about speed cameras? You speed, you get your photo taken, pretty simple really. Do they take photos of people not breaking the law? Your arguement is like arcing up over having security cameras in banks. :roll:
  17. I work in a hospital emergency department at a children's hospital. My role (amongst other things) is to examine and care for teenagers who have been brought in intoxicated, either through alcohol or drugs.

    I wish I had $20.00 for every time I've heard a vomit-covered, sad and sorry looking teenager tell their irate parent that "someone spiked my drink".

    Yeah - sure sonny. 0.3BAC and you "only had 2 drinks". Yeah, righto. No problems. Spiked you say? Spiked with what? Alcohol would be my guess. And my other guess would be that you consumed that alohol of your own accord.

    Spiked my ass.
  18. Either way, what ever you feel towards Bracks. The fact that his own son doesn't get the whole drink drive thing highlights that something just isn't working. Maybe this will give his opponents move leverage to over turn his BS road safety plans.

    As for illegitimate revenue, maybe that's a bit too black and white. But certainly I am very skeptical about the placement, tolerance and accuracy of speed cameras. Speed cameras have caused me more issues (me watching speedo, drivers watching speedos) than I think they have solved. People just slow down for cameras and continue to drive like tools afterwards.
  19. I have just read the ebook that is pout out by aussiespeedingfines (the doods that advertise on here) and to be honest, it's a pretty amazing piece of work.

    Illegitimate is an understatement.
  20. I don't have any real time for Bracks, because of HIS actions.

    But his son is 19, and is his OWN person. He obviously makes his own decisons, including a few very bad ones.

    I have teenage children, and you can only influence what they do, You can't live their life for them.

    The son deserves to pay the penalty - NOT Bracks senior. You can't put this one at the feet of Bracks senior, cos it could happen to any parent.

    Lets just be thankful there was only minor human damage.