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[Vic] Boulevard Krewz.. Sun 6th May.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Blue14, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. We now have a few Boulevards, and the odd Volusia about the forum now. :twisted:

    So shine up the chrome, and lets go for a cruise. :cool:

    Meeting place will be at Peter-Reeboks place, Commercial Rd Ferntree Gully at 9.30am for a 10am start. PM Pete for exact address if you're coming.

    We will be doing a nice easy ride through the dandenongs and stopping more than enough times along the way for a coffee a chat, and of course lunch at some stage too. I must stress this will be a nice easy ride. Maps will be supplied. :)

    This will be a weather permitting ride.. :grin:

  2. You beauty!! I'm there.

    Looking forward to it - leave pass has been issued!!
  3. yep...in mate

    Please pm me exact start point ... :)
  5. Hello,
    I would like to come on this ride please....
    I can't do a pm coz I have not done enough post yet, sorry.
    Had me L's for three weeks and went on the Anzac day Black Spur Ride,
    so I ride ok, should be well ok for this ride. Could s'one please pm me the details if that is ok.
  6. Hey Ken can you make it ??
  7. What’s the GO with this ride, it is an elitist gathering of shitbox Suzuki’s :LOL:
    or is anyone welcome ??
  8. George, I'm gonna gate crash this ride, so if your up that early....
    join me :wink:
  9. As long as its a cruiser its cool... :wink:
  10. Even Harleys, but..... We outnumber you.
  11. This looks like we are in need of some more boulevards...
  12. Don't know about that - I have one - thats enough for now.
  13. You can add mine to the list then.
    Should be good to have a sniff around my old stompin ground.
    Just hope none of the locals recognise me :wink:
  14. chances of that are slim to none, enjoy your ride cruisers.
  15. Nah no this one. Just got back from an over nighter at Marysville with the wife as pillion. Her first long ride, ever. 500ks. Had a great time. Dirt roads & all.

    It was damn cold on top of Mt Donna Buang this morning.

    Going to spend the weekend cleaning & polishing.
  16. Here is route I have planned

    Posted so you can look at a map first!.

    As you can see, a nice figure eight ride, that is not technical, and has a combination of some slower twisties, and some higher speed roads, that won't frighten anyone - unless you do it at warp speed. Note - you will have to watch for leaves and water over the road in places - they are slippery!.
    Up and down hills, very few traffic lights, and the option of expanding it to include reefton and black spurs at a future date.

    Too many maps to photocopy in detail, overview map will be handed out on Sunday morning if anyone needs one.

    Handy if anyone on this ride has their name, mobile number and bike description on a bit of paper so we can keep track of any strays!. Give it to Blue14 on Sunday.

    From Commercial Road Ferntree Gully
    My details are mobile 0418 419 667 Peter.
    Right from driveway – to end of street to Burwood Highway.
    BP servo on corner. If needed by anybody - from memory, is about 150 km journey only mapped.

    Left Down Burwood highway toward hills, left into Tourist Road. (C415)

    Follow Tourist Road until just past the Cuckoo Restaurant (on right) Olinda
    At T Intersection – turn right. 15 km from start

    You are now in Olinda-Monbulk road. (C406) (Waypoint 1)
    Follow until T Intersection at the end – turn LEFT 21 km from start
    Turn left at roundabout
    You are now on Monbulk Road (C404)
    Follow until Clegg Road – Turn Left (C402)
    Then Left into York Road (C402) continues

    Follow until reaching roundabout - Turn Left into Swansea Rd (C401)

    Follow until reaching roundabout at top of hill, turn left into Tourist Road (C415) about 36 km

    Follow until reaching Olinda Monbulk Road (Waypoint 1) continue (veer left) along a section of road you know have been on before. At T Intersection at the end – Turn RIGHT approx 50 km and 1 hr after starting

    You are now on Monbulk rd (C404)
    Follow to Belgrave and roundabout - Turn Left At next roundabout – Turn Left (C412)

    You are now in Belgrave Gembrook rd (C412) Continue past Wellington Road.
    Only one corner to watch for - 35kmh left hander at 71km mark - decreasing radius!.
    Turn Right AFTER Clematis township at 2nd roundabout - Beaconsfield - Emerald Rd (C406)

    High Speed section – ALL corners can be taken at advisory signs.

    Turn Right at Inglis rd AFTER GOLF CLUB.

    Left at first roundabout, right at second roundabout into Harkaway rd (61)

    Left at Wellington Road (C413)

    Right at Roundabout Belgrave Hallam Road (C404)

    Follow until Belgrave township (Left at first roundabout, left at second roundabout)

    Follow Burwood Highway (26) until Dorset Rd (5)

    Left into Commercial Road and we have arrived back!. Coldie, or coffee!

    Takes 120 km and about 2 hrs.
    Rode it on friday morning, and most leaves etc have been washed off the road,
    Just remember to watch for Tourists!.
    Puffing Billy race is on this weekend - should be finished by the time we get anywhere near there, but watch out for peopl who forget to look - it is a tourist road, so there are plenty of nuff nuffs.!
  17. Awesome mate..
  18. Ok looks like us cruiser doods need a meet point to make our way to petes place.. We will need to leave this side of the world around 8.15 i would say ?? Anyone have a clue.. :LOL: Anyway one each as follows from Lancefield, Craigieburn, Tulla and Mill Park .. Thought anybody..
    I was thinking if we met at the BP on Cooper St.. The new one near the ring rd.. About 8.. Then we go from there..

    Looks like down the Eastern to Springvale Rd. Left in to Burwood Hwy and then eventually left in to Commercial rd.. So maybe Jim could meet us at the end of city link and the rest at shell in Gladtone park. We could make it that we all meet at the entrance to State hockey centre at 8.30..
    Is this making any sense.. :? :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Boring!

    Once we get off the eastern I'll take you a much quicker and more scenic route than syringe vale road & Bumwood Hwy.

    Cooper St BP sounds good spot to meet though. Paul do you still want me to come via your joint as I can go either way from up here, makes no never mind to me.

    [Edit] 2 bits o Bling arrived today Just in time
  20. Mate would it be better for you to just cut across.. You are more than welcome to come via my house in Tulla.. Just thought it would be easier for you to cut across ... And yes just finished fitting more bling to my beast right then.. :twisted: