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[VIC] Boulevard Krewz 2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Stimpy, May 10, 2007.

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  1. After the success of the first installment it has been suggested we venture up my neck of the woods for our next outing.

    Just putting out a feeler for those who are interested and possible dates, areas etc.

    Lets start with say Sun 20th May
    Ride to areas to include Mt Macedon, Woodend, Tylden, Kyneton, Lancefield, Pyalong, Tooberac, Heathcote etc.
    Pretty good areas for a cruiser run.

    BTW you don't have to be on a cruiser to join this ride.

    Who's in ?? :grin:

    Starters So Far

    Caz V1
  2. Count me in :grin:

    at least this time I wont have to get up before dawn :rofl:

    I know a few little twistie roads that lead up to your way, maybe we can meet up at the BP in Cooper st again and travel up through Konagaderra or Wildwood then onto Lancefield to hook up with you.
  3. Gee that was quick.. Cant see why i wouldnt be there.. May bring the 14 though.. :twisted:
  4. I'll be away that weekend. Bugger! Have a good time.
  5. Darn missed by 1 day :wink:

    have been asked on another ride already on the 20th
    have become a real social (cruiser) butter fly since i upgraded :LOL:

    i hope to make it on one of the Boulevard rides with you all
    soon :grin:

    Have a Great ride

    Please emote makers can we have a Boulevard cruiser emote :-k
  6. You just dont like us do you.. :p
  7. The 20th is not really locked in as yet, if more people can make the Sat maybe we can do it then..... makes no never mind to me :grin:
  8. Exactly mate.. Let Rod know what suits you, thats what this post is about.. The more the merrier..

    Hey Jim, did ya debaffle the bike yet.. :twisted:
  9. Hey Paul me risers/tacho came in.
    Looks like I'll be slingin back an watchin the revs this ride :cool: :cool:

  10. :shock: tell me More :grin:

    i Soooooooooooooo want to do this but am Scared of makeing it too loud and a crappy sound

    i would Love to hear your bike If you do it

  11. Exellent to hear someone found some riders

    Please can you tell me where you go them from
  12. Dear Blue 14
    i don't know any of you personally
    and i would Never pre judge anyone

    i have only met a few at Boronia Tuesday night coffee
    and then i rarely get there as i am usually busy or at meetings

    in saying that i am on my bike riding
    nearly all weekend
    every weekend

    yep i am starting to see myself coming the other way

    am off to WORK
    Yes i Got the Job and start this morning
    i didnt want to wait till next week to start :grin:
  13. May have to miss this one - we open one sunday a month, and the 20th is that one.

  14. what /where do you Open ? business once a month and will be on the 20th ?

    maybe the ride could wind its way past to stop and say hello along the ride route :grin:
  15. AND RUB IT IN!

    Garry and Warren Smith Hyundai
    1593 Princes Highway

    Come in and buy a car!.
    We open Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 6pm, and additionally 1 sunday per month.
    As Manager - I work for free - no penalty rates for me!, only staff.
    I only get the grief.
  16. Its not too loud and sounds fairly deep. I am more than happy to assist with anyones bafflectomy.. :twisted:

  17. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Hyundai you say :grin:
    i have an 1995 excel i bought it july 06
    Exellent lil car
    especially since i have down sized from a BIG fairlane and a horse float :LOL:

    any way'z
    this de bafflectomy sounds painful
    but adrenaline enticingly :cool:
    ride droolingly yummyyyyyyyy
  18. Bunnings gets a visit tonight for a hole saw.

    I have decided that drilling isn't enough, so a bafflectomy is on the agenda this weekend.
  19. How about a track night at calder on a friday?

    whos up for a track night at calder, on a friday night?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.