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[VIC] Boulevard Krewz 2, Sun May 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rod Close

    Who's up for another Boulevard Krewz?

    Sun 27th May
    Start time will be approx 10:00 am.
    Meeting place to be confirmed ASAP (will most likely be in Lancefield)

    Will edit post once decided.

    Ride areas to include but not limited to Mt Macedon,...

    ... more

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  2. Will be there.
  3. Ok i am there.. I will also be bringing my mate Mike on his shiny new black Ducati Sport 1000. :grin:
  4. OK I cant edit the main post so I'll put the details here.

    Meeting Time: 9:30 am
    Start Time: 10:00am
    Place: Lancefield Pub, Cnr High St and Melbourne Lancefield Rd

    Route: Out to Mt Macedon -> Woodend -> Tylden -> Kyneton -> Lancefield -> Pyalong -> Tooberac -> Lancefield.

    Stop for Lunch somewhere along the way, probably Kyneton or Lancefield, we'll see on the day.

    Confirmed Starters:

    + Mike with the shiny Bike

    Remember this is going to be a nice leisurely ride but its not limited to just Cruisers.
  5. Done, noted, and programmed into the GPS.
  6. Hey Peter, can I come over to your place and follow you up to where-ever it is we are going????
    :LOL: Thanks.
  7. Daniel, its in the outback mate .. :LOL:
  8. Hello

    I just joined Netrider. Mind if I come along?
  9. Course ya can.

    For those of you a bit worried about where it is, dont worry we've even got that tar stuff on our roads now!

    Head up the Tulla towards the Airport, keep goin, Head towards Bula, keep goin, Head towards Sunbury but turn right towards Lancefield before you get there (Sign posted), keep goin, head towards Bolinda, keep goin, head towards Monageeta, keep goin, head towards Romsey, keep goin, head towards Lancefield, STOP :rofl:

    Bout 40 Mins from the Airport, 60 Mins from Melbourne. Petrol available although usually a couple of cents dearer.
  10. well I know we are a pain in the a$$ but we cant make it this weekend

    Phil has been called off to Brisbane for work and I cant take both kids on my bike
    and Sherry is still feeling a bit new to riding to head off yet

    perhaps in a month or so for us

    Sorry :cry:

  11. Anyone who wants to meet me let me know. I am in tulla and we can go from there. We would need to meet at 8.30 for a 8.45 leave time.
    That will get us to Lancefield around 9.30ish.. Let me know and we can arrange something.
  12. All good Tracey.. Plenty more rides to be done..
  13. Yes.

    Leaving at 7:45am (sharp)
  14. Which way will you go to Lancefield Pete ??
  15. To Lancefield from FTG

    Being that I hate freeways (where is the challenge?)
    I will be going through Kangaroo ground, hurstbridge, Wandong, kilmore to Lancefield.
    Good ride, low level of danger, and the sides of the tyres may get some wear.
  16. Re: To Lancefield from FTG

    Ok well ill see you there .. :grin:
  17. Hey Rod, do you have confirmed starters ??
  18. Thanks guys - well done.

    Now I know what exists the other side of the city. Good day, and well lead. Everyone took turns as TEC, and it worked well.
    Blue14 had a chance to sample health food Kyneton style. The rest of us had hamburgers, and dim sims.

    Drumstar (Daniel) had some dramas on the way home. Remember how he had to push start his bike at Lancefield?

    Well by wattle glen, his headlight, blinkers etc didn't work, and the bike wold splutter up hills.
    Wait a while, and it could be pushstarted again, but as soon as the brakelights were used, it stopped running.

    I left him in warrandyte waiting for a tray truck to pick him and his bike up - definitely something electrical - guesing the charging circuit is not working.

    Good thing we didn't go on the second half of the loop!
  19. ahhhh, the memories... time for a new reg/rectifier :)
    I would also guess at saying he has fried the battery too along with blowing all his globes.
  20. Thanks Rod for leading us through your part of the world.. :twisted:

    Apart from the slippery wet rd up to the macedon look out, and the terrible wind, was a great ride. The great company always makes up for the bad bits. :wink:

    Thanks Pete and Daniel for coming from afar, and our newbie Grant had a day to remember i am sure. :grin:

    Well until our next adventure, take care out there and stay safe.. :cool:

    PS, Caz you are soft.. :LOL: