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[VIC] Borat movie @ Northland, Tue Nov 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: snakegal

    Northland Shopping Centre (Preston) this Tuesday 28th Nov, meet at 8:00, movies screens at 8:30pm.

    Go here for location and map: http://www.northlandshopping.com.au/

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  2. aw! mat luke and i were gong to go see it on the weekend....
  3. If you don't any movies for the rest of the year, at least Borat. It's hilarious. I saw it last Sat. night at a "sneak preview".
  4. I'm down!
  5. okay. i said id be there. and i should be all things going well.
  6. Now i have my bike back on the road I might come down for this depending on how tired i am after work.

    Put me down as a we'll see :)
  7. Beudy, I'll be there :grin:
  8. Awww bugger! Hope you help out till this Tuesday??

  9. Sweeeettttt. We'll can ride in together then... leave around 7:20
  10. Cool :grin:
  11. can someone give me a lift there?
  12. Mel & I will pick you up on the way through.
  13. cool thanks :)
  14. Nee is most likely coming too & maybe someone from Aussie Street Fighters. Shld be a nice small group. :wink:
  15. Yeah i won't be there anymore seeing it tonight instead.

    Have fun :)
  16. I'm there... See you guys there.

    Eswen, was gonna offer a lift but looks like you've got it covered. :]
  17. Pssst. Where exactly in Northland are we meeting? :p
  18. Good question, I'm assuming where Sunday coffee usually takes place. Casa Bella and Nando's entrance. Failing that... in front of the box office.
  19. Put me down as a maybe for this one. Sounds like fun but I may have other things I have to do yet. :)
  20. I'll be there with Yoyo. Looking forward to a night out.