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[VIC] Bonang Hwy C612

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by blackadder, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I did the Bonang Hwy yesterday. I travelled from Delegate to Orbost. A few people have asked about the condition of the road. Yes there is a gravel section towards the top. Honestly, once I hit the gravel, I was regretting this road and cursing those who recommended it. Once I got onto the good bits, I was singing a different tune... :D

    Below is my video summary. I took it easy on the gravel as it was bone jarring. Arriving at Orbost, I was absolutely buzzing and glad I did it! The weather was brilliant too. Had a ball. There are still bits of gravel, branches, rocks on the sealed section. Pay attention and you'll be fine!

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  2. The dirt at the top is corrigated when we did it,it was closer to 30ks of dirt then.but the bitumen must be close to top 5 roads in OZ
  3. That patch that never seems to end always makes one regret the decision to come there ](*,) then the good bits start and you forget everything else!! Haha that road is heavenly!!!!

    Good to see you did it buddy. FWIW i can vouch for how excited you were afterwards :rofl:

    Great Work!!

    P.S. does this mean you are back from your solo tour?
  4. Thanks Blackadder, great job with the vid too. Looks like you had an awesome time. Deadman was looking for that sign last time we were up that way, hope he sees this.
  5. Think Deadman found it...

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  6. A great bit of road, sad the gravel has deteriorated. Well worth doing the road though. :)
  7. Solution: take a motard or DS ;).
  8. I'm taking that route on the way back from the Snaowy Ride this year. Yeehaa!
  9. When I rode it, it was on the way home after a 3 dayer (Bright, Tintaldra, Merimbula). That day, it was hitting high 30s at 9am, and with the mother of all hangovers it made for a rough ride for me.

    I've never been car sick, but I was getting crook, halfway down the road. Blackbirds don't really like dirt roads, either.

    And I nearly highsided. When the dirt ended and finally on the bitumen, I gassed it up a bit. Bike stepped out and grabbed as I hit some loose but nearly invisible sandy debris. Nearly threw me off. Right foot kicked the ground like Buddy Franklin kicking a goal from the centre line. Foot was swollen for two days...

    So, next time I do it I'll make sure that I'm not hung over...
  10. Just came back from a run on the Bonang. It'd been way too long, I'd almost forgotten just how much fun a road it is. The dirt bit in NSW is now only about 3~4 k, and the gravel section in Vic was in very reasonable condition. The road itself was generally in very good nick, couple of bits where it was a bit rough, but nothing too bad, just need to take it a little easy.

    For next time, anyone know where you can get a decent coffee in Orbost? The cafe we went to was pretty ordinary :(
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  11. Did you go to the coffee shop really close to the servo by any chance??

    If so yep, their coffee was utter crap, mine had a film on it, has been so long since I saw that sort of thing I cannot even recall why it happens..
  12. Good to know where to avoid... I'll be doing this road in a couple of weeks, it's sounds great!
  13. You sould have come with Bruce and me, Rosco
  14. You'd go to sleep riding with me...
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  15. It was bloody freezing that day when we came through there, I had to keep stopping to unfreeze my hands, Strangely, even my toes were freezing, and that never happens. We stopped fror coffee at Bombala, the sun was shining , grouse day and 2 degrees Celcius,
    Capt Insano Loved the road, But coming from Nepal, he thought it was a hot day,