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Vic boat licence

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twistngo, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Decided I should get a Vic boat licence. Had a look at the book and there's a lot of stuff in it, particularly navigation markers etc. I was wondering if anyone has done the course and got their licence and if it can be reasonably done in one day or do I need to swat up on it. Recommended places to do it in Melbourne's east would be appreciated.

  2. I've not done the Vic course..... maybe have a look at:-
  3. I got mine in Jan, everything you'll need is in the book, I read up a bit each night over a week or so beforehand. Depending where you get the test done, it's pretty easy.

    The format we had was a slideshow presentation which had general information that contained the actual answers on the test, followed by a multiple choice test.

    40/40 people in our group passed, including the guy who asked which side the green light should be on if you turnaround and head downstream... o_O

    Boat show is on this weekend too if you need some extra motivation!

    Good luck!
  4. Oh! So the boat driver's licence is nearly as easy as the car one?
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  5. I got mine a few years ago in vic. I figured it would be as easy as every other vicroads multi choice exam, eg 2 of the 4 choices being plain stupid and the exact opposite of the correct answer, and easy to work it out of the other 2 using common sense. So as usual I read through the book for the first time the night before. Anyway I found the exam to be waaaay harder than I thought. When I finished and went up to get the result I really had no idea if i had passed or not. Anyway I did end up passing so all good, but yeah don't expect it to be piss easy like your learners written test. Plenty of scenarios thrown at you like "boat is 12m - what size and how many fire extinguishers does it need?". Need to know all your signals and markers. Speed zones and distances from swimmers, dive flags etc (all of which if you're anything like me you will forget after a few months anyway). All the regulations for safety gear requirements for different boats in different situations (enclosed water vs ocean etc).

    Anyway you may hopefully find it easier than I did but I have breezed through previous similar tests. In my motorcycle learners theory test I was finished and walked out of the room so quickly that several other in the group thought I had thrown in the towel and stormed out!
  6. In Victoria you only have to do a theory test which can be done at any testing station and you don't have to do a course you can just study from the book.

    IMO going out in a boat with no prior training will increase your risk of something going wrong.

    There are training providers who can offer courses which mix theory with practical and give you hands on experience steering a boat.

    That's the safest way to do things (unless you join a club with training).
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  7. Yeah the most stressful bit as a newbie is getting it off and on the trailer at the ramp!
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  8. Sandringham Yacht club has a course

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