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[Vic] BMW K1 at Spot-On - Anyone seen it?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by The Snow Dog, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Spot-On has had a K1 for sale for some time and I was just curious if anyone has had a good look at it. A long shot I know, but I've been lucky before here.

    ...perhaps this should have gone in General?

  2. It can't be a K1 - it doesn't have any bright yellow bits or stickers :LOL:
  3. I know...that's why I'm more than a little reluctant to even consider that one. :wink:
  4. I *might* be going there to check out helmets tomorrow, i'll let you know if i see it (always wanted to see one of these lurid and crazy machines in the flesh)
  5. Just found the ad, its not the crazy colours! How can you call it a k1 when you can look at it without squinting :LOL: :p
  6. I haven't seen it but that one, from the pictures, looks decidedly non-original (the stickers!!!). On bikesales there's a nice one up in QLD and on Bikepoint a senstional one with apparantly 18,000km's on the clock. That bikepoint one is also on Ebay here with heaps of pics.

    What a great bike! In twelve years time you could wheel this thing out and bend young 'uns ears with "now sonny, thirty years ago this was the future of bikes....."

    I found this interesting snippet on the Moto One website about them: http://www.moto-one.com.au/performance/K1K100RS4V.html
  7. The later year models were unfortunately toned down. I'm almost certain that at least some of the charcoal ones didn't come with the "K1" stickers.

    I stumbled across a book about the design of the K series when I was at school about 20 odd years ago and read it cover to cover one day (better than attending classes anyway). Since then I have always wanted one...
  8. That thing is so ugly....i want one.
  9. Was at spot on today, unfortunately the k1 is 'in their warehouse'. I'm not sure if that means it can't be viewed or if its just at a different location. I was in a bit of hurry so couldn't hang around to find out. Pity, would have been cool to see one in the flesh...
  10. Me too :cool:

    I googled a few articles today - was unaware; limited to 100hp as per German regulations at the time, make a very good sport tourer (don't know what would fit in those panniers though) and not that heavy (by 1990 standards) at 215kg with a shaft drive

    Neat one for sale in QLD, $8K plus say $500 shipping, looks better than the Spot On one