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[VIC] BMW 2006 Icicle Ride, Sat Jul 8th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, May 20, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Greg Lipschitz

    Starting at midnight on Saturday night and going through to dawn on the Sunday morning, a mystery ride around Melbourne and surrounds.

    A traditional event, conducted by the club for 26 years; it is a lot of fun. Features soup and coffee stops and e...

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  2. Hi Greg, do you need to ride a BMW to go on this ride? Is it suitable for learners?
  3. You dont need to ride a BMW, you dont need to belong to any club, you dont have to be over a certain age.

    It is open to all riders and pillions no matter where you are from.

    I am hoping to go on this ride this year and to be able to win the trophy again and make it back to back wins.

    As for suitability for learners..........how far can you ride in the middle of the night and in the freezing cold?

  4. My daughter did it twice on her Spada - the first time she was still on her L's. She's since found it useful practice for riding a bicycele through a Scottish winter. :LOL:

    The only problem for a 250 is that you need to watch your fuel consumption as it's a fair distance between fuelling stops.

    If you're not confident you can get small camping fuel containers (suitable for petrol) and carry a couple of them. That usually gets people out of trouble.

    There is a paramedic and a backup vehicle accompanying the ride. I don't think there's been any need for the paramedic but the backup vehicle (with trailer) can be useful.

    It's not so much a "fun" ride as satisfying - it's really good when it's over -sort of like when you stop banging your head against the wall.


  5. This might be a possibility. I'm nightshift Friday and Saturday nights. If I can get the last night off I can do the ride. And I'll have an advantage over others - I'll already be in N/S mode...

    Seeing as it's starting near by daughter's place I can use that as a base.

    Based on past years, how long is the ride, usually?
  6. Well, you do, actually, if you want to ride....

  7. I might just brave the elements and join in this year :)

    Will definitely look into those heat pack thingys that stay warm for hours to stick down my jacket. Might even buy a pair of proper winter glooves as well.....
  8. about 320k but including stops etc it normally finishes around 6.30 to 7 for breakfast.
  9. mmmm should i go ------------ nope :grin:
  10. I'm into leather wear and masochism as much as the next bloke, but I'd prefer my nipples to stand erect for reasons other than hypothermia!
  11. You don't need poofy heated grips and you dont need thermals either. I've done it i know :shock:
  12. And it's one of the most welcomed breakfast's ever :)
    Last years was a sit-down affair with served toast, eggs, bacon, juice, coffee, etc. Very nice :LOL:
  13. Bahhhh!!! Its much more fun riding up and down the Hume Hwy....in sub zero temps!!! Hey PNUT? :grin:
  14. You gonna be doin' it? If so, do the guys meet anywhere beforehand, before riding to the start point? If so, I might join up there, depending on the meeting place, of course.
  15. Interesting. I'm in and the heated grips are installed :D

    What do you think the route is ?
  16. [quote="javaman"

    What do you think the route is ?[/quote]

    ahhhhh, that's the fun part....it's a mystery ride :wink: :cool:
  17. BUGGER, No chance to have my bike back on the road for this ride and i realy want to go on it! o well...
  18. I hope so. I'm supposed to be limiting my riding at the moment as I've been unwell and I've still got a torn tendon in my right shoulder - not motorcycle related :cry: but I don't want to miss it so hopefully I'll see you there.

    We normally all go straight to the assembly point as there's a lot of people who don't decide till the last minute.

    I've got a mate who's probably coming over from SA again for his 3rd icicle ride - he's got to defend his longest distance travelled award from last year :LOL:

    Breakfast is normally served by the BMW Club executive - a good reason not to stand :LOL: Who wants to dish up food to this lot :p :p

  19. If Matt 232 says to you hey follow me i have a map...tell him to fcuk off cos your more likely to guess your way there than make it to the destination than using his navigation skills. Even with his upside down map reading technique
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. My spiral technique for honing in on the destination got us there...eventually....did we ever work out who was up the front that led us 50+ km off the route and having to resort to the 'Find Your Way Home' envelope?