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[VIC] Bluefire Grille Dinner, Tue Dec 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Blue14

    Ok have your taste buds recovered from our last outing. Well here is the next feast to be had. Booked for the 11th Dec at 7.00pm under Paul Williams. Only 15 spots in total available inc myself. So be quick to reserve 1 of the remaining 14 places.. htt...

    ... more

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  2. Oh god, I went to that place once. I still don't want to see another piece of meat ever again. It was total meat overload!
  3. Sold!!!!!!!!!
  4. So we'll see you there then Loz!! :grin: :LOL:

    Count me in !!
  5. Me me me me me me me me me me me me!
  6. Oooh meat. Can I come?
  7. If you have not already done this, then check it out.

    The Platinum Club offers 10% discount (it's free to join) - note allow 2 weeks for the card to arrive so you can use it :)


    Enjoy :D
  8. This is a post for Brij... Please add Brij plus a plus one to the list. :)

    Brij +1 :)
  9. Please count me in. :grin:
  10. Count me in!

    mmmm .... meaty goodness!!
  11. At this rate, we'll need a second table soon!!

    I've been asked to put in a "me three" please for Matty Bosworth... I believe that's aka MattyB? ...getting confirmation...
  12. You eat roadkill, don't you Rob?
  13. Whaaaaaaa....?? :? :LOL: No mate... I'm just relaying messages...

    No need to eat road kill. My folks have 5 acres and raise and run a couple of head of cattle... that eventually end up in the deep freeze as steaks and the like. I'm a carnivore. No apologies. :)
  14. I think I'll give this one a miss :cry: Most likely I'll be overseas by that time.....
  15. I'd be keen, good chance to meet people.
  16. The list so far.. Nil spots remain for bookings .. :grin:

    They were very strict on the 15 per booking rule.

    If you are keen to come along still, then i will get Robsalvv to book another table.. Just cant guarantee they will be together.. :?
  17. So you in MV ??
  18. Blue, you missed Matt B...
  19. I cant see a post saying he will come ?? am i blind ??
  20. Meat overload!!!

    Put me down!!