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[VIC] Blue RIbbon Australia Day Ride To Remember, Sun Jan 25

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation

    Australia Day Ride to Remember

    'Celebrate on two wheels'

    Sunday 25th January 2008

    Start Point: Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit

    Finish Point: Upper Yarra Reservoir, Reefton.

    Australia Day on January 26th is an opportunity for...

    ... more

    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.
  2. Just giving this a bump since its runs this coming Sunday.

    I will be there so hope to see a few other netriders as well.
  3. Calendar entry says Sunday
    Thread subject line says Monday
    Original post says Saturday

    You may not have as many Netriders this year due to the fact that maybe they have no idea what it is :idea:

    Can anyone confirm the actual day????
  4. well australia day is a monday, so im taking a punt and say then.
  5. So how does that explain that I am having an Australia day BBQ but having it on the Sunday (which you are invited to if course :p )
  6. The Australia day site http://www.australiadayride.com.au/ consistently says that the Melbourne ride is on Sunday.

    They really want to indentify who you are on the registration, don't they!
  7. fark i dont know, i dont care, im not going on it :LOL:
    a bbq you say? :grin:
    sounds tempting.
    i dunno how my steak would look after 400km beforehand in my camelpack though :LOL:
  8. I won't be there either cause I'm having a BBQ at HQ.
    Nibor, whaddyamean steak? You gotta eat LAMB on Australia day :p

    Will post the BBQ to the calendar for those who aren't on my facebook
  9. Indeed very confusing, my friend sent me the website link so I only glanced at the Netrider Post.

    Allrighty then, there are actually two rides.

    One in Melbourne on Sunday 25th January.
    Another in the Grampians on Monday 26th January.

    I am going on the Sunday ride.

    The Sunday ride starts early at 8.00am and returns to Albert Park for lunch a bbq.

    The linky is below.

  10. If all goes well I will be there on Sunday with my 8 year old son as pillion, hope theres a big turn out, so he gets a bit of a buzz.......... :shock: :shock: :shock:
  11. Could ForumBot edit the title and first post in this thread to reflect the correct date of Sunday 25th, so that we might see more Netriders there on the day?

    It seems I will be going along to my first Blue Ribbon ride this year. I just hope it isn't too hot, or too slow to keep cool. :)
  12. Forumbot wasn't listening so I edited the details for it/him/her :wink:
  13. Thanks Flipper. :) ForumBot never listens to me. :( :LOL:
  14. m coming too..

    hey hey hey

    m coming too!!
    nid to bring anything else bside mslef n d bike?
    i ride a scooter..is it ok?
  15. I will be there, with niece/nephew as pillion :)

    Bike and self is all that's needed. Scooters are fine.
  16. Fortunately or Unfortunately as the case may be, but I am umpiring a Premier Cricket Semi Final on Sunday, so cant make that ride and have budgets to prepare to go to the UK on Monday.

    Also, is it only me that thinks there is a bit of hypocrisy with this "ride". In that they want us to pay to go on a ride to support a group of people who in the past have quite obviously and deliberately given bike riders an extremely difficult time.

    Let me just say, that I fully support the blue ribbon foundation, I just think its funny.
  17. I'm not to familiar with Albert Park? Where exactly to we meet up in the place?
    I've just registered on the website, Is that all i gotta do. Didn't give me a print out or anything, all done through Paypal.
  18. pit lane is the meeting point
  19. Wanted to go on this ride didnt realize it was sunday the 25th. Thought Australia day ride was on Australia Day, just looked at the forum again today to double check the time. I signed up but I've obviously missed it now.
  20. there is a grampians ride on tomorrow, today was the melb ride