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[VIC] Blackened Spur run, Sun Mar 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Chef

    The Black Spur has been declared safe and re-opened for business.
    The surface is in tact and the fallen trees cleared from the edges.
    Healesville and surrounds have been without any tourism for a month, so it's time to go and pay them a visit.


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  2. I'm in since Loz has offered me a seat on the mighty Minja :D
  3. Ah what the hell, I'm in.

  4. If I don't work Saturday night then I'll come along.
  5. omg Vic? I haven't seen you on your bike in ages! Do you still ride? ;)

    Hey Chef, I would think you'd be in considering you're organising lol... Anyway, I'll see if I can make it. I was in Healsville on Sunday at the model train show and was very curious as to what the Spur looks like after the fires.
  6. rather barren im imagining.
    no bushes for the cops to hide in though :LOL:
    im a tentative yes :)
  7. Spawn it has that see through look about it now and its well alot more light getting in so you can see through the twisties for kilometers :shock: and a little dirt or sand or something like that on the road surface.

    Went out that way today and coming back was stuck behind three cop cars again :shock:

    Chef wouldn't mind doing this run as well count me in.

    I hope the forecast rain for Saturday doesn't stuff the spur up :!:

    Cheers Bruce
  8. Who was I talking to on Sunday... Cheffie? Was saying that the cops would all be getting out the boot polish to update their camo gear...

    I'm in.
  9. Going today..Working sunday
  10. I might head up that way this afternoon, just in case I don't make it Sunday due to lots of partying on Saturday night.
  11. A tentative YES here.
  12. OZJohnno and melbgirl are in
  13. Hey all.

    Would have loved to come along - get to ride with Loz - but the bike is off the road for 2 weeks - having something special done... :cool:
  14. Probable yes :D

    (depends on if it's the only day I'll get with Ms Morbo, she's working a bit lately and not sure if she'll allow herself 2 days off)
  15. Put me down as a tentative yes (I've borked my ankle). It would be good to put a few faces to aliases... :)
  16. Could be good, got a google map for me? :grin:
  17. also a tentative yes.

    was up there today. 60km/h for a fair while, all burnt out, saw no cops in the bushes :p but did see 2-3 cop cars come the other way
  18. The spur was in awesome nic :LOL: All the little bumps have been re sealed so its double the smoothness it always was.

    Chum creek to Melba hwy was in awesome condition aswell. Not a single leaf on it just logging trucks on my side of the road.

    King lake is still closed tho but you can go down the slide to Yarra glen. :grin:

    Hope this helps with planning
  19. :grin: It sure does.
    I'm hoping to pick up Whanregarwen on the return trip and drop in through the back.
    I'm told Yea has their Autumn festival on this weekend and to expect a bit of kaos going through there, but we'll manage. So Chum's good, Myer would be better.
    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. It's good to have the old stomping ground back, i was sorely tempted to join you.
    Thanks for the info.