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[VIC] Black & white number plate "EY 730"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Holster, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hey guys keep an eye out for a bike with a black & white number plate "EY 730", if you see him / her.......

    Skittle the mofo - I'll buy you beers etc.

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  2. :eek: did you report it?
  3. Yep - it's reported as stolen, the damage has been fixed and I have a new plate
  4. You probably already have, and not sure how Melbourne works, but if you've got a toll pass remember to let them know about it too.
  5. wash ya bike
  6. i guess NPR is a plus in this instance!
  7. Was thinking the same thing :LOL:

    Will keep an eye out Holster.
  8. It's just from supers! :D

    You guys are more than welcome to come over and wash it (topless of course)
  9. Dont wash it, Imagine how many peasants you could feed with the crop you could grow in that dirt..:angel:
  10. Unwashed bikes don't attract thieves (as much) and get space all to themselves in parking spots.
  11. We're all gonna be topless? Right on! When and where?
  12. Sorry. Only my partner sees my tits, Holster. :)

    Hopefully the bad Khama, will have the rat, slide down the road in his shorts and t-shirt.
  13. Had a plate stolen once from a lockup garage I was using. I found out when the tosser parked across the street from my house. I daresay he was a bit surprised when he came back to his bike to find it minus plate and quite a lot of rear mudguard. Well, I couldn't be bothered to break the tools out to reclaim it but it snapped quite easily :twisted:.
  14. Sorry to hear Holster !
    Best I can do is commence aerial surveillance for you (y)
    Hope the rodent gets what's coming their way.
  15. What no topless bike washing? Flux is going to be there! :p
  16. Oh well...ooookay... but I agree with Flux's idea of ....

    "We're all gonna be topless? Right on! When and where?"

    If this is the case, heck..I'll even jump out of a serviceable aircraft with my chute to be there !!!!
  17. LOL @ you lot.

    Holster, as Bangr found out, once a plate is reported, it's flagged and he got pulled over a whole lot more often... who knows, you might end up meeting a nice copper...
  18. I have a whole new plate now - new number and all - so no meeting TMU coppers for me!
  19. Ok then! LOL. May the new plate protect you from TMU for all possible reasons!
  20. Still waiting for a time and place. ;) :angel: We can compare sizes. I'm an A cup. You?