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[VIC] Black Spur

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by allencb400, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Just got back form a ride and noticed some oil in the middle of the road, nothing major just stick to the left of either lane. Seems like they've put sand or whatever to clear it up.

  2. yeah diesel spill.... couple of riders were down when we were at healsville.
  3. Always seems to happen at the first sign of decent weather for season... Be it diesel or a fresh dumping of spray aggrigate from vicroads on the bike routes... Coincidence? Or is it just the conspiracy theorist in me..
  4. I would have thought that was the natural state of the Black Spur anyway. Whenever it's been wet enough to see it, I've always seen diesel/oil on the road, usually going all the way in blotches, some larger some smaller. Plus the odd dumping.
  5. meh... might be deliberate bout i doubt a conspiracy... they make too much off speeding tickets to want people to avoid it or actually slow down up there.

    more likely a local knob jockey or a bogan going out there at night to do burn outs ina gutless commodore.

    dont forget theres a lot of people buying new bikes for summer or getting on a bike after not riding for months or years...
  6. Locals couldn't give a rats about the number of bikes going up there, the road is heavily used by log trucks - there's your culprit.
  7. Badly paraphrased from Boris M.
  8. fair enough... but how does the diesel get OUT of the log truck? short of an accident... not disputing, just wondering.
  9. Truck poo, they drop the stuff all over the place, either that or oil - how it happens I have no idea. But in my 10 years of living there I never met a local that had issues with motorcyclists - most locals ride themselves - usually dirt bikes though. What they DO have issues with is slow cagers in cars and cyclists on the spur - most locals traverse the spur fairly efficiently. All of those mountain towns love the trade they get from motorcyclists.

    There are an awful lot of accidents up there which could explain the amount of oil on the road, when I lived up there I saw quite a few. Lots of cars going over the edge and lots of bikes going down.
  10. Ask a Triumph owner.... :demon::cheeky:
  11. They leave the caps off the tank and when they go round a corner, it pours out.
  12. OI!! careful
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  13. She cant help it she's a kwaka rider. They always jelouse of us Trumpy owners :cheeky:
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  14. Yeah, what Ultram & Aussieak said!!!!!

  15. Never have to worry...bringing up the rear will ensure the ones in front sweep the road :rofl:

    We were up through there yesterday, apart from bark n crap, I didn't notice enough spill to be of concern.
  16. numpties in diesel 4wds leave the caps off. probably fill up in healesville so there's lots to splash out
  17. And there's no shortage of numpties...
  18. went through it today. sign at the start of the spill saying "oil on road" or some such, from either way.

    It's more just a discoloration of the road at this point than an actual spill that would cause anyone to slide out. more danger from noobflexs taking over and someone gripping brakes because they got scared of the sign.
  19. plenty of plod out there today :(
  20. At their normal spot just before start of spur?