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[VIC] Black Spur, Thur 10th Aug, MattyB bites the Armco

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Just in case anyone's interested, MattyB and I will be at the Ampol in Healesville at 1pm for a pretty relaxed intro to twisties sesh. If anyone feels like meeting us there... ;)

    0418 219 330
  2. Hey Loz,

    give me some notice next time coz I haven't taken a sickie in weeks and would love to be out there with you guys!!

    could've easily got myself a dr's cert. for a really severe case of Igottagoriding :grin:
  3. well, im about to ride off to a chocolate shop in buleen rd... anyone in that area want to join me for a free hot chocolate?
  4. grrr, if only I'd seen this beore going to the hospital. (not me just visiting)
  5. nooo i live right off bulleen road... havent had the chance to meet anyone yet.
  6. slow poke, i just got back :p
  7. lol... maybe we should have a gettogether ride on the weekend sometime, to finish it off with some coffee!
  8. as i said in pm... you should come to sunday coffee :) not far away!!!
  9. Re: No-notice beginner's ride: Spur, 1pm today.

    Damn Hippies!!!!
  10. Re: No-notice beginner's ride: Spur, 1pm today.

    yeah, cut your hair, and stop smoking pot in the garage ya freak!

    so how was the ride???
  11. Re: No-notice beginner's ride: Spur, 1pm today.

    Not very good :( Poor MattyB came off. He's OK (no hospital reqd I believe), but the bike will need some work. That's all I know.
  12. Oh sh!t.... sorry to hear that MattyB...
    Hope you're ok!!!!!

    Keep us updated on the details :(
  13. This is what I was worried about when a lone Loz passed me & family in cage at the Eastern freeway city-bound at around 7pm.

    Its good to know that MattyB wasn't badly hurt and hope he & his bike recovers quickly.
  14. Daymm, would have loved to come. Sorry to hear you came off, MattyB. As long as you're alright mate, the bike can be fixed (easy to say when u dont have a crashed bike i guess)
  15. Bummer, hope you're alright MattyB. And hope you sorted out your insurance woes before going on the ride today.
  16. +1
  17. Guys, I'm shattered.

    Short story is, I thought a bit of playtime on the spur would show Matty a more appropriate spot than the city to stretch his skills a bit.

    No stuffin' about, nice and slow, no aggressive stuff, just smooth cornering and showing him the lines, a real easy intro to the twisties.

    Everything was going great, he was tipping the bike in nicely, and on the lap back he was picking up some confidence. I was holding the pace well doown though, so a Merc driver who was clearly out to enjoy his new toy got frustrated and sat right up Matt's clacker for a while, which got him really ruffled, looking in his mirrors in the corners etc.

    I saw the guy was close, but didn't think it was that bad and kept going, reasoning that the guy would overtake if he wanted it that bad.

    Matt wigged out a bit and ran wide on a corner, going up on the embankment a bit and coming back down onto the road. Which would be scary enough, except the bloody Merc saw this as a chance to overtake as well, and hit the gas.

    He overtook Matt in a corner, while Matt was running off the road and clearly in trouble. Unbelievable. Matt shat himself but kept it together. I pulled over a couple hundred metres later. We stopped for a smoke and a calm down. I guess it's hard not to feel a sense of natural justice for an incident like that when you see how bikes carve up cars in the spurs on a Sunday afternoon.

    He was shaken but keen to get back into it, so we turned around and headed back up. Four or five corners in, doing no more than about 65 through a 40k rec corner, I noticed the flowers from where that guy on the Hayabusa killed himself on Sunday. And seconds later I realised Matty was off my tail.

    He'd realised very quickly after a couple corners that his head wasn't straight again yet, he was still shaken up by the previous incident and wantd to pull over. He was looking for a spot to stop, and lost concentration coming into that right-hander. Panicking at the last second and forgetting the "never give up" rule he stood it up, hit the brakes, lowsided and smashed into the armco at about 50 - a few metres up from where the flowers for the Busa guy were.

    He was thrown free of the bike, but what we believe might have been a piece of smashed fairing dug a nice hole in his leg through two pairs of draggins... Right where the Dainese knee/shin protectors I'd got him to buy *weren't* (he'd forgotten them).

    The bike was wedged into one of the armco support struts, which had impacted the forks after smashing the fairings.

    Paramedics, coppers, helpful cagers and the tow truck guys were all fantastic, really friendly and helpful, both the cops were riders themselves and didn't give us any attitude or patronising treatment like some of them can. The corner's known as "ambulance corner" - not just because of the amount of calls they get to that very spot, but because an ambulance itself went off the edge there a couple years ago, killing both ambos.

    We don't think the leg's broken but it's bloody sore and he'll have to stay off it for a bit. A trip to the docs will tell more tomorrow, there might be some x-rays in store. In all this is hopefully a cheap lesson for our now not-so-cocky lad.

    Massive thanks has to go to PNUT, who took 5 hours out of his night to pick up trailer and tie-downs, meet us in Healesville and trailer the bike back to my place before returning to woop woop land where he lives. It was a huge thing to do for somebody he'd never met before, the act of a genuine legend and the sort of thing it's all too easy to expect from a bloke like Deano. Like I said mate I owe you big time but if karma's coming to get you I'd sit right back, hands behind your head and unzip your fly bro.

    So the bike's in the shed, we'll start searching for some bits tomorrow. We may replace the plastics, maybe not. They're all smashed to bits, so it might be streetfighter time depending on availability of replacements and prices. Otherwise, the forks are rooted, the indicators and one of the clip-ons, and hopefully that's about it, although we have doubts about the front wheel too. I'll post some photos soon.

    I'm taking this one pretty personally at the moment, a learner smashed his bike and hurt himself on my watch and I do feel a great deal of responsibility. It's hard to watch a mate learn a tough lesson like this and I'll need to give some thought to how I approach things in future. I swore at myself the whole way home and will continue to do so for some time.

    Thankfully Matty's Mum doesn't seem to want to throttle me (just yet) and even sounds fairly keen to get him back up on the horse sooner rather than later - which I don't think will be a problem if this bike's not too hard or costly a fix (it's uninsured).

    So yes, I'll let Matty tell you his side of the story but at the end of the day a brain fritz led to a loss of control on a very bad corner to crash on, but the damage to bike and body was minimised by the fact that we were going nice and slow.

    And if there's any lesson for you other learners to take from this:


    More photos here.
  18. Who is this Karma and what does she look like? :LOL:

    That is spot on. The number of times i've gone into a corner too hot and have muttered to the bike "I trust you" are countless.

    I'm not going to critisise, but if you have a twit up ya clacker through the twisties then pop ya left hand up to let them know you are slowing and get out of their way. At the end of the day, it's just not worth keeping the person behind you that is that adamant that s/he is going to get past.

    Oh man, I tried, honest I did but................

    A "real rider" would have kept it upright :p
    Hope that bought you a smile Matty.

    Sorry to hear about your off. Heal quickly and get straight back on it bud.

    Kudos to Deano & Loz, nice work the both of yas *group hug*
  19. The above is an edited quote from an unknown source out there on the net .. but applies here methinks!!

    Sorry to hear about your "off" Matty ... heal quick ...
    Big thumbs up to those who did the "after-care"